Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Cancer of the???

Finn and Anna were cute with Roxy. Discussing the difference between Iceberg and Romaine for Roxy. (Romaine is preferred).  He asks Anna about Peter.  Ok, didn't Finn have a suite at the Metro and not just a bedroom???

Peter talks about his mama with Chase Ford. He reminds him he's on tenderhooks with the WSB. yada yada..boring. 

Then, Anna goes to talk to Peter and Chase goes to talk to Finn. They talk about the "case" and Canada and all that. Finn says "you and Roxy got off on the wrong foot...want to meet her again"? Aww

Peter wants nothing to do with Anna. She asks about the Intruder--he said Valentin gave her the money. 

Kim tells Liz that Drew has cancer and she gets upset. Goes to talk to Oscar and Drew walks in. Oscar says he had low blood sugar. Kim runs out and Liz tells her to tell Drew about the cancer. Later she finally breaks down and tells him. Kim finally tells Drew that Oscar has a BRAIN TUMOR! that's right people!! another BRAIN TUMOR!! We find out that she's known for two years!! and Oscar has NO idea!! Well, that's stupid. The oncologists wouldn't allow that at his age. PLUS, he'd have a ton of ugh. 
Billy Miller bought all the feels. "Shouldn't he determine how to live the rest of his life"..sniff...
They have a heart to heart. Good stuff. 
Terry is her oncologist 

In the Park, Joss tells Cam he's being inappropriate "HASHTAG ME TOO" she yells. He says he's really into her and he's the one that had Oscar send her the text. She said they were in the "Friend Zone". They both go to GH. Liz sees Cam and says: UM... YOU ARE GROUNDED what are doing here? LOL 

SEXIS!!!! DAVIS GIRLSS!!! SQUEEEE!! Ok, so Krissy is back, Sam went to Portland to talk to her because Parker was living the professor life and Kristina felt left out. Parker's friends didn't like her either. So she decided to live her own life, back in Port Charles. 
I LOVE Sonny when he's with Alexis---and or Krissy. Sorry but I do. Whole different ballgame there. 
SO, Krissy wants to manage Perks again and Sonny says she can't.  Alexis says that she could get her a job as a paralegal. Krissy is like NOPE. So, we'll see what job she gets. Waitress at Charlies?? 
She doesn't want to live with Alexis or Sonny--she's going to live with Sam. 

I enjoyed the show today!!!!!!
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