Thursday, September 13, 2018

Peter and Robin sittin' in a tree

Maxie and Robin!! MAXIE AND ROBIN!! WHOOTT!!!  Robin wants to meet Peter but isn't sure about a 'relationship" :eyeroll: 
Later Maxie talks with Anna and they make up, say I love you...hug

Julian is talking to Sonny, bugging him about the body in the basement.  OMG. I'm so sick of this damn story. 

Peter wants Lulu to the Ryan Chamberlain story. Lulu wants to give everyone heads up. Peter's like: that's not how Journalism WORKS.  OMG I hate him. 

Ryan is trying to be Kevin with Laura on the phone while looking at a picture of Felicia.  Lulu asks him if it's ok to do the story on Ryan. He's THRILLED! lol.. and he's SO CREEPY. SO perfect. I love JL playing this part. 

NUJORDAN is on..she's pretty-- she and DA Margot are talking about the case. They haven't found the gun yet. 

Peter and Robin talking about Faison.  blah blah She does mention that having 2 healthy kids is rare with HIV diagnosis. 

Kristina is making cocktails and Sam is trying them out. They talk about Krissy's life and how she doesn't know what she wants to do-- and is sad about her relationships. Oh, Julian comes in and loves her cocktails too. 

TOMORROW: OMG the damn elevator is stuck with Maxie and Peter on it. :EYEROLL: 

Did we say anything about DA being "The Body's" daughter? Like we didn't see that coming a mile away. 
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