Monday, May 14, 2018

Where's The Blanket?

We get to see Nelle fall again!! The one time I'm happy they replayed Friday's ending!! BUMP she goes! Monica immediately blames Carly  Brad calls GH and Monica attends to Nelle. Carly tries to explain what happens. Joss yells at her saying WHAT IF YOU KILLED HER!!??  The ambulance pulls in and Joss and Brad are going with her to GH.  Monica calls PCPD and says it was an assault LOL.

Floating Rib: Anna and Jordan go out. The bar is all redone after the earthquake. I can't tell the difference. Mac is taking Michael out for a drink and ribs during the shower. 
Jordan tells Anna she thinks Curtis proposed because he thought she was going to die. She's not ready to get married anyway. Finn walks in. He's meeting Alexis.  Oh, Anna had no idea that Chase and Finn were 1/2 siblings. 

Chase gets a phone call about the 'assault" at the Q house and Michael hears from Joss that Nelle is in the hospital.
Carly's all panicked.  Chase goes to the Qs. Asks who else saw the fall (no one) ... and people are saying that Carly was bickering with Nelle. 
Chase asks what they were arguing over-- Carly said a blanket she made that looked just like Morgan's. Chase CAN'T FIND THE BLANKET!! OMG IT'S GONE?? Who? How? HUH?? Ava had to have taken it!!  Carly explains that Nelle was messing with her the entire time. Not even Bobbie seems to believe her?? 


AT GH: Lucas is working on Nelle. She wakes up and asks about the baby. Michael comes in. First thing Nelle tells him is that Carly pushed her lol. Don't ever change, Nelle.  Michael says that he'll be by her side and it will be ok.  She got what she wanted, yes? 

Peter and Valentin... more bullshit about this stupid story. Like "OMG what if my MOM finds out I'm me"?? "OMG..what if Anna Devane doesn't back off"?   Val does say he thinks of Peter as his 'own son' that's why he's been so nice to him all these years. 

Sonny and Jason. Jason is just saying NO BODY...Sonny doesn't believe it. The hole is PERFECTLY rectangle too. LMAO 

SO..Carly's arrested and it looks like not a lot of people believe her about Nelle!! 
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