Thursday, May 17, 2018

Magic in the Air

Ok, so I fan geeked today. Loved the opening song "Everyday People"... and Lucy's first dress? WOW. 

Emma is here!! yeah!! 

OMG, this Ball is like the others that have been happening for the last 3-4 years. ONE number, then interruption. They never USED to do this. 

Sam watches Valentin and Petey yell at each other. She's intrigued.  Nina says she wants a smoke? And then asks Maxie to get her a shirt for a trip she and Valentin are taking. and she needs it NOW. 

Curtis is asking Jordan to marry him during the ball and he's not too thrilled Stella is there. 

Chase Ford sings a Great Portugal and The Man song!! He's really good... Dancing and Singing.  They didn't make him rip his clothes off either. 

Nina and Curtis do an adorable magic show. Stella hopes Curtis saws Jordan in half LOL .. He gets her on stage and proposed!! "The magic is already started".... and gives her a ring. She says YES!!  Stella says to Mike there's too many complications. He says are "you one of those complications..>the graveyard is full of people holding grudges" Awww..

Maxie's baby is rolling all over. Dr. Kim says it's ok, it's the party.  

So... Anna arranges to meet Peter Heiny at Pier 55.  Like THAT'S a good idea or what?!!  Finn goes back to talk to her backstage. He says "I know you are dying"?? Huh? Alexis overhears them.

Sam finds Faison's lighter in Peter's office so she knows he's his son. 


Michelle Latta said...

What paper did Finn find? I asked the other day and noone answered. My eyes even with bifocals such and couldn't read it.

AntJoan said...

Finn found Anna's last will and testament.

AntJoan said...

It spilled out of Alexis's briefcase.

Di said...

He found a copy of Anna's will revision, Michelle.

I loved Mike's words to Stella. Maybe she finally will hear them.

Loved Chase's number, hate the act and we break to chat...format.

Why wasn't Liz in the first number?

lindie said...

That's right. Alexis did a new will for Anna due to the fact that she's Peter/ Hiney's mother.

lindie said...

Alexis must be starting to have feelings for Finn.

Pat..... Sun..... said...

I guess there will be some connection between the two babies after all. Maxie's baby is extra active, and the previews show Nelle's monitor going off..... Will both of them end up in GH at the same time? Or course. Will there be a baby swap or something similar? Of course. The odds of Maxie being involved in a complicated baby story with the birth of each of her kids? On GH, the odds are astronomical.

lindie said...

Hate to say this, but Nelle's baby will probably die and she'll take Maxie's baby. Typical storyline

sonya said...

The nurses ball:

Everyday people: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Love that song.

Chase performance: WOW!!! Fantastic!!!! :) Hmmm was he lip syncing?

Curtis's magic show: I had a feeling he was going to propose to Jordan when he was doing his act! Glad she said yes! YAY!!!

Stella and Mike:

Mike: The graveyard is full of people holding grudges.

WOW MIKE!! Very wise! :) Great line!! I hope Stella listens to him.. Hmmm can Mike and Stella be a couple? I can call them Mella!!! :)

Finchy and Anna:

Finchy: I know you're dying.

Yeah I was confused too. I was thinking out loud to myself, what???!?!! Then during the commercial, I remembered that Finchy found Anna's WILL. I am confused about why Anna would have a WILL. Oh man Finchy why haven't you gotten over Anna?!?!! I don't want you two together anymore! I want you with Alexis!!! And it looks like Alexis has feelings for you.

Dante's table: Dante stop being so smug and smiling! I want to punch you in the face!!! GAH! I am glad Karma bit you in the butt!!! Now grow up! I really wanted Chase to throw that drink in Dante's face! :)

Anna's table: EMMA!!!! :) Wow Emma's hair is so long.. Extensions? :) Robin I love you, but stop bringing up Finchy!

Maxie and CarlyKim: That baby is a rockin and a rollin!!

Sonny and Bobbie: Oh NOW Bobbie believes that Carly didn't push Nelle down the stairs?!?!? What made you change your mind?!

CarlyKim and "Charlie" WOW! CarlyKim's dress is so ugly! Burn that dress and send it to hell!!! :)

Lucy: Hmmm. Where is your Llama date? :)

Hiney and V.C.: Another lovers argument.. And there is Sam with her cupcakes!

Sam: Hmmm I wonder what that is about.

Sam's cupcakes: Let's go closer.

Sam: Okay.

*Sam and her cupcakes get a little closer*

Sam: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Sam's cupcakes: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Where is Dr O? How come she isn't around trying to have her own performance? Mac and Mr. Marbles are out of town? Wait Mr. Marbles is dead!!!! And why would Mac use Mr. Marbles in his act? I'm surprised he still wants to do that act, because of what happened the last time he used him.. That makes no sense. And where is Scotty?!!?!?! Where is Kiwi? Is she being cornered by Dr. Scum?!?!!?

LSV422 said...

Poor Maxie has been through enough heartbreak - time for Nelle to have some. Molly was there - couldn't they afford to get TJ for a day? And hated the excuse for no Mac and Felicia.

LSV422 said...

CDL says Kirsten S. is leaving again for awhile.

Gambilly33 said...

Sam and her cupcakes really were a step above the crowd. She looked yummy for once.Unlike Kim, she had on a royal looking dress. Kim unfortunately looked like she got hers at Value Village.The Nurse's performance was great and so was Chance's. Curtis got engaged in spite of vile spitting Stella( go Mike!!).Let's hope we are close to seeing the end of Peter and that all the babies stay safe.

Michelle Latta said...

CDL is all gossip. Unless you hear it from Michael Fairman or Karen then it's true.

Michelle Latta said...

Kim's dress was ugly. Haha! Stella is annoying, so glad Curtis proposed. Hopefully "Peter" is exposed before something happens to Sam, since she now knows and can do it. Maxie baby is the only one I care about.

Wanda Woman said...

Several sites report a GH rep has confirmed Kirsten is taking another leave of absence. Looks like it's true.

delcodave said...

Krirsten LOA? Hmmm... How long this time? 30 days? 60 days?

lindie said...

Crappy nurses ball as usual I guess. Is Ned even singing? Valentin?

lindie said...

I hope that Kirsten Storms is OK. I have been watching her forever. She can get annoying at times, but I love the character of Maxie. Hope she relaxes and comes back soon. She is one of my faves. Hope they don't recast, and hope she goes to visit Georgie AFTER she has the baby. Maybe we won't get a baby swap storyline now??? Don't recast.

Michelle Latta said...

Sadly I live in TX and there was a HS shooting in Santa Fe, so no NB for me more than likely, which is understandable. So sick and tired of these mass shootings....Anyways...I hope Kirsten is ok. I don't care how long she's gone for as long as she's ok. I don't care how "crappy" the NB is, at least we have it. I dont care that they didn't air the Daytime Emmys, at least they did make it a point of going thru with it. I'm grateful for what I get/have.

AntJoan said...

Sonya, yes, where is Dr. O? I think Lucy was making an "inside joke" when she said that Mac and Mr. Marbles were out of town. I still think it was horrible that Mr. Marbles was destroyed the way he was, Mac is a legacy character, and liked doing that act, it was mean and NOT funny to do that.

Sooo sad that KS is leaving for a while . . . I really hope it's not true, she is such a fan fave, we all love her so much . . .

gracegirl said...

I totally agree Michelle! So sad how more & more life is becoming less & less precious. My brother is dying from brain cancer so things have been hard close to home too so when I read your post I was like,yes exactly! I love the ball still every yr. especially because they took it away for a while and if for nothing else what it stands for: life after Aids/HIV!!

Xiriously this is me... said...

@AntJoan Kirsten addressed the rumors...she isn't leaving--she had the flu and took a couple days off only.

Anne Long said...

Kirsten Storms put out on twitter that she is not leaving gh. She missed a few days because of the flu but she is not going anywhere.

Michelle Latta said...

Gracegirl I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. I'll be praying for him. As for the times now...I wish we could go back 20-30 yes when stuff like this was few and far between. I had a classmate (c/o 89) who was shot by her boyfriend and we were 2 wks from graduating. That was the first time I'd ever experienced that. Now it's practically every other day. Sad...

LSV422 said...

Loved the ending!! Eddie Mayne etc always-fantastic, the kids were great, and JPS must have inherited his major talent from his dad. Hoping Anna and Finn finally get together. Glad Kirsten isn’t leaving. Great death look from Jason to Nelle. Good show but so sad about yet another school shooting.

sonya said...

"Gambilly33 said...Sam and her cupcakes really were a step above the crowd."


"AntJoan said...Sonya, yes, where is Dr. O?"

Yeah!!! I want her at the nurses ball!!!

"I think Lucy was making an "inside joke" when she said that Mac and Mr. Marbles were out of town."


"I still think it was horrible that Mr. Marbles was destroyed the way he was, Mac is a legacy character, and liked doing that act, it was mean and NOT funny to do that."

I know!!! I like Mr. Marbles!!! Makes me laugh!!!

"gracegirl said...I totally agree Michelle! So sad how more & more life is becoming less & less precious. My brother is dying from brain cancer so things have been hard close to home too"

Oh no. I'm so sorry!! :( *BEARHUGS*

"Xiriously this is me... said...Kirsten addressed the rumors...she isn't leaving--she had the flu and took a couple days off only"

Well since has had the flu, she won't be taking a couple of days off! :)

sonya said...
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gracegirl said...

Thank you Sonya! And you also Michelle! Have a blessed night!

sonya said...

"gracegirl said...Thank you Sonya!"

You're welcome.. How old is he? I am praying for you and your family..