Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday Surgery: The Mama Drama

Alternative title:   Penguin Revenge. 

Happy Mother's Day! 
GH was all about mothers this week. Moms that were searching for children,  children that were searching for their mothers--Moms about to give birth, Moms in mourning and one Mom-To-Be  that didn't watch that first step. 
With Nelle laying on the Quartermaine foyer floor, GH ended in a cliff-hanger this week. Can't remember the last time I was squealing with delight at a Friday show. 
More happened than this--although not a lot to write home about. 

Mother's Day today so my fave breakfast...Eggs Benedict. Crunchy on the English muffins, please.

Presenting (in no particular order) the Moms of Port Charles in all their glory: 

MAMA #1: The Angry Mother. Oh, Carly--you're popping Prozac like it's Xanax and just freaking out all over. You look like the banshee you are--yelling, talking too fast and making Josslyn cry. Now you march into Nelle's baby shower and hurl insults left and right. Are you unstable? Hmmm.. I wonder.  *Note: LW's hair is crazy gorgeous. 

MAMA (to be) #2: The Scheming Mother:  .Nelle--you really had a plan, didn't you? Have Ava come in with Avery to get Carly all riled up and BOOM...drop the ol' "PENGUIN" mobile on her. So crafty. You even knit an evil baby blanket that looked like Morgan's to finish her off. Only--WHOOPS..didn't quite go as planned, did it? 

MAMA #3:  The Forgetful Mother:  Anna. Dear Anna...not only did you forget having sex with sinister Faison, you had a kid and then forgot about him for years. Now all of a sudden he's your obsession.  It's eating the show. Get over him and move on. Thanks. 

MAMA #4: The "I just want everyone to get along" Mother:   Liz, Liz, Liz. It's hard being a mother to boys, isn't it? Especially when one has had a total of 4 dads in his short life! Thank goodness Spencer called and Jake realized how lucky he was. Jason can go to the ballgame with him and they can bond.  Phew. Now only if you could find where you put Cam and Aiden....

I HAVE TWO MAMAS!  Yes! Little Avery you do! And they love to pull at you constantly. Just keep being adorable -- we don't care who you're living with as long as you show up. 

 "We Need a BABY-MAMA":  Getting both these guys on set together must have taken an act of god because it's been forever!! Looks like they found a mom to adopt from only--we know things don't go as planned on a soap. Get ready for anything. Heather will probably have a hand in it if it's about newborns! 

My MAMA is  BITCH-MAMA:  Poor old Joss. Her mom embarrasses her at a baby shower where she's the only teen  She just wanted to play the diaper games!! How can her mom yell at Cool-Nelle who gave her a kidney? How will she ever explain the Penguin PJs she just bought herself at Wyndoms? 

On to the rest of the show... 

THE FIELD IN CROTON: You have NO idea how much I laughed when Sonny and Jason went out to the damn field in the middle of the night to dig up a body that's been there 30 years. And hello...that's no  field, that's like a mowed lawn--so... don't try to fool me.  So, these two weenies go tramping around looking for the spot Sonny knew by heart :eyeroll: and started digging. Sonny couldn't even finish he was breathing so hard. Jason just kept digging like the good Man-Servant he is while Sonny took deep breaths and told him that he 'never intended to have him work for him forever". Um, ok--I beg to differ but whatever.  Jason finds a money clip (odds on doing that IRL? 5 zillion to 1) but. NO BODY. Which I could have told you was going to happen because well... it was so obvious. Did Mike dig it up years ago to move it? Where's the guy now? Do we think it will really lead to Sonny going to jail? AHAHAHAA. Ergo, what's the point of this? 

A NAMELESS COFFEE SHOP CORNER:  Ah, Dr. Andre Maddox. Keeper of memories... Lord of the Disco Ball--Drew commands you to find his past. We have been waiting my friend. 

DOWN THE Q STAIRCASE:  This was shot for shot Carly's fall when she and AJ were fighting. She lost her baby with Sonny and no one ever forgave him. He didn't push her-- she fell back. Gravity took her. Just like ol' Nell. Those cursed stairs!! This is what made me scream with delight. Why? Well, I figured the way Nelle was talking she was either going to be in a coma or dead before long. Also, Carly was seen acting nutty around town, popping her pills, being bitchy to the pregnant lady and signed the guardianship papers! If I didn't know better, I'd say Nelle planned the whole thing, took stunt lessons on how to fall just right and is smiling on the inside! 


My half-brother's mother wasn't a nice lady:   That's right Alexis. The reason I don't like that kid is because my Dad married his mama in about 3 minutes after my mother was in the ground. I was mad and jelly. Got it? 

AT A Craft Store Near You:  Maxie is so happy that Petey gathered Nathan's stuff together! NOPE! NOT creepy at all! She's going to make a scrap book!! She's so happy she even wants to go to the Ball with him. Only, wait....Sam asked her first. Hmmm, what's going to happen! Will they all go together!? 

Coming to Judge Judy:  The residents of Charles' Street want to sue the entire city of Port Chuck because they have been bamboozled by a crooked landlord and endured an earthquake. Alexis can get right on that, after she's scoped out Charlie and Kimmy nuzzling at the bar. 

In The PCPD LOCKER ROOM: Lucy recruited Super Hottie Ford Brother Look-Alike Harrison Chase to sing. See, she caught him in the shower--at the PCPD and couldn't help herself. Dante was pranking him and told Chase Ford that the whole station was doing the number--only they aren't! gaffaw. PS-- Dom had more acting faces in this scene than he has in 2 years! 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Wow, but Maura West blows me away. When the whole penguin thing was going on, she had a glance at Carly that was close to compassion. A Mom's compassion.  I don't watch the show Eileen Davidson is a part of but she must be one hell of an actress to beat this lady. 

FRANK'S INPUT OF THE WEEK:  You knew it was coming--and there it is!!! The splendor of the newbie's chest!! I think if we went back through OLTL and GH we could start counting greased up chests one--by--one until we fall asleep. Kind of like sheep only sexier.

VANNA WHITE OF THE WEEK:   Lisa LoCicero is so good at comedy!! She acted like someone that doesn't act would act in an over the top commercial. Loved it. "Come see Port Charles in all it's messed up glory"! 

That's a wrap! I have a few gripes--first of all please don't have Carly popping Prozac like it's some calm-down drug. It's not Xanax or Valium. They showed the generic for it: Fluoxitine right on the bottle so I know what is in there.  Just taking more isn't going to make things smooth over the same way. This is baffling to me. 
I do like the Nelle twist. So ironic for Carly--and she's not only threatened her, she's signed those guardianship papers and she's on medication for 'hallucinations".  BYE GIRL...take a BLT to Heather Webber in Shadybrook! 
Olivia and Ned as The Gov and First Lady of PC is great. I wish they'd do more with them. I know Wally is on Days but damn, snag him!
The Nurses Ball is coming up. Erica Kane may appear?  Robin and Emma are coming! Yeah! 
Things I don't care about: How stupid is the whole Taking of Robert? Why wouldn't Valentin just kill off Pete instead of kidnapping a WSB agent? I mean?? And why does he even care who finds out what? I suppose it's the BOX thing but ugh. We don't care about Peter/Heiney so this is going no where fast. 
I wish Flea and Mac were part of the Charles' Street gang. Not sure why but it would be nice to have them in that mix. 

I have a ton more ideas but it's late and I have a mother's day enjoy. 
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