Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Nurses Ball Time!!

Favorite time of the year!! Unfortunately, I work until 2:30 and then have Tillie duty (she'll be chomping to get outside). So I'm not sure when I can watch. SORRY!! I love to be here live during that show--oh well. I would have gotten home sooner but Tillie is getting spayed tomorrow and I took Friday off so I have to see double kids today.  
Remember when you could buy TShirts to support the HIV/AIDS cause? I miss the early days of it all!! 

Here's a preview video of the ball:  ABC GO 


delcodave said...

I counted 6 tables with 6 people at each table. 36 people. so, you need a red carpet and to hire correspondant and media reporters for.... 36 people?

how much is a ticket for the ball? Lucy always says they raise tons and tons of money. How much do they raise with 36 attendees?


Barbara said...

ONE more thing about this STUPID Anna/Heiny ----
so Anna uses her CELLPHONE to contact him?????????????

and her laptop and he does the same?

Spinelli kept saying 'it can't be traced'


Gambilly33 said...

They keep dragging that Llama across the stage during rehearsals so you just know something stupid will happen.Maybe it could step on Anna's foot so she will have something to cry about.I hate seeing her weeping all the time. For a world class spy she is acting more like Maxwell Smart - they should get her a shoe phone. I guess Valentin will not be singing at the Nurses Ball this year. At least there is some action in the latest episodes.

LSV422 said...

So far I think Alexis looked stunning as well as Nina, Jordan, Lucy, Anna and Maxie. Robin looked beautiful but the dress wasn't flattering (shame on the wardrobe dept. for not finding a better dress), and Liz was lovely as always but her dress was kind of casual. Didn't like Sam's look at all. I can't believe Maxie accepted that inappropriate gift from Heinie. And thank goodness Robert reappeared. I miss Dr. O!

Michelle Latta said...

I loved when Anna lost her balance and landed in Finns arms. 💕💕💕 Much better fit than Alexis, wish they were friends instead. Oh well Michael Easton has chemistry with anyone so.....I was surprised to see Robert, so I was happy, he's Robert frickin Scorpio, he'll find his way outta there. 😁

LSV422 said...

Loved Anna & Finn, too! He looked pretty gorgeous. I really like Michael E.

Michelle Latta said...

Me too!!! Wish they'd put him with Anna. His eyes light up with her.