Friday, April 13, 2018

The Show and POP Wubs

I skipped yesterday, I know. I'll write more about that in Sunday's Surgery. Maybe I'll watch today? I will catch up though. 

I'm watching all the Emmy Reels on you tube. Very fascinating, I've never done it before. I also only watch GH so this was a treat! Very objective because I didn't know many of the back stories or watched the actors all year. I based it on the reels alone. If you want to watch, go to You Tube and find Daytime Emmys--they are all up there. 

PS. Roger, Finola and I think Michelle all chose not to submit . 

So much is going on in the world and our own news sometimes turning the TV off helps. (not sure in this case). Having Tillie sure does--she continues to wear me out!! Wow--Puppies are work. It was supposed to warm up but now we are looking at ICE this weekend and 20 degree temps.  Poor 5 pound Matilda is just being punished!! (me too!!) 


I'm going to see Isle of Dogs this weekend.  Can't wait. My son is into Wes Anderson --and it looks great. My next one will be The Quiet Place!! EEEE!! I want to see it in the theater too. I won't take candy wrappers in! Any of you see it? 

My recent binges:  We finished Season 1 and 2 of Gomorrah on Netflix. There's a season 3 but it's not dropped in the US yet. It's an Italian show about drug running and excellent. It's subtitled but amazing-- and shows you parts of Italy you've never seen.  Lemony Snicket is back on and it's just a joy. I love the humor-- and the acting is just excellent.  Season 2 looks as fun as season one!  Over on Amazon, one of my FAVES of all time, Sneaky Pete dropped. I'm only on Ep 4 because we've been busy and hell, I watch too many shows at once!!  We are also DVRing Trust  (FX) -- the story of J Paul Getty III . You want a snapshot of the early 70's?? Welp. This is it! I remember the events happening and although I was really young, the ear thing certainly stayed with me.  BTW, the music alone is worth a tune in!  (On AMC)  Lastly, BBCA has a new show called "Killing Eve" starring Sandra Oh.  Looks so good. The first episode was awesome. 

One more thing--if you are into true crime and love the ID channel, Shattered and Evil Lives Here are just excellent.  Some shows on there can just be canned stories on there, straight from Forensic Files and redressed with cheesy acting. These are with real people and amazing. 

I'd love to tell you what book I'm reading but MISS TILLIE keeps me from doing that! 

What are you watching, reading..???  I can only hope it's warmer where you are than here! 

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