Monday, April 30, 2018

Daytime Emmys Who Won?

Lisa LoCicero was busy Tweeting Photos last night!! 

Vernee Watson for Guest Star...GH!! Yeah Aunt Stella!!

I loved her dress--she looks fantastic. The show was actually pretty great and too bad it wasn't on TV! The stream on FB didn't work well for me and I finally went to You Tube where it was better. 
Chloe Won for Younger Actress--well deserved

Greg Vaughn won for supporting actor 
James Reynolds for actor 
Eileen Davidson for actress
Cameron Grymes for supporting

I chose both of these when I filled in my ballot for Daytime Diagnosis! 

Days took directing and writing. Kudos to Ron for refabbing that show!!  

It's really a shame the networks won't put this on the telly. It's just mind boggling. It's such a great PR thing for daytime. They had wonderful tributes for GH's 55th year.  Did you watch? I wish I lived in LA, I would have gone in person. 

Have a good one! 


LSV422 said...

I watched on Twitter and it streamed really well. So the lowest rated soap got the most awards? As of the latest rating, GH is almost as low. Maybe Frank V was the problem and not Ron C.? I noticed MB wasn't there - no nomination so no support of the show. Kelly wasn't there with Billy and Wes wasn't there with Laura, thank goodness. I thought it rambled on too long but I was glad to be able to watch it. Glad GH didn't win writing and best show.

Michelle Latta said...

Wes was there, I saw him sitting close but not next to. Funny how Mo and Kemo weren't there... too good for it? Glad to see Billy. Maybe Frank will realize he needs to step it up. DAYS got a lot of the awards that GH normally does, Rob was probably the reason, yes. Hate to say but I'm with you, I'm glad they didn't win for writing and best show either. Hey what reel did Micharl Easton and Billy Miller submit for their category? I watched but it was totally messing up and freezing towards the end and missed it.

LSV422 said...

Michelle, Michael submitted his drug withdrawal scenes - don't know about Billy. Yeah, I think I saw Wes but Laura's daughter was next to her. Not sure I saw him when the whole cast went up. They all looked great. Roger wasn't there but he was probably in NY. Becky not there either.

Michelle Latta said...

Oh yeh, I figured he'd submit that. Yeh Laura's daughter is beautiful. Glad she was there 😢 No Roger or Becky. Glad Michael was. He looked great as always.

Michelle Latta said...

I read that some are saying Billy Miller had to be coddled by Frank after losing cause he had a meltdown, must have missed that.

Lana Bergman said...

I have to say something, I can't believe that Nelle won. Does she have a relative on the judges,so many good actors where ignore. Tell me what you think

Michelle Latta said...

I'm not a fan but from the reels alone she did the best, in my opinion.

LSV422 said...

I did notice some of the actors/actresses who lost did not look pleased.

Anne Long said...

There was a picture were he looked upset and Frank had his hand on his shoulder. I wouldnt call that coddling or a meltdown.

kdmask said...

Lana, I watched ALL the reels and Chloe's was the BEST--seriously. She just did a fantastic job. The others paled in comparison. She's really good I think-- the writing when she was "nice Nelle" wasn't great for her. Now that she's bad, she's been fab I think