Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Talking to the Dead

Alexis and Finn are interrupted by Anna at the Metro. She wants to ask Finn if he remembers if Faison had a lighter. He says yes. It was weird, and I don't get this whole Alexis/Finn/Jules/Anna thing. Nope. 

Nina and Val. Val does Nina's feet-- she talks about not liking Peter August.  He gets the side eye going .... like he's hiding something. 

In case you 10 year olds didn't get it, Peter August is playing with Faison's lighter for a full 40 seconds. DID YOU SEE THE LIGHTER???????? DID YOU????  Maxie is mad Lulu and Peter are reading PK Sinclair's book.  

Carly tries to explain what happened when she was spooked out at her old house to Jason and Sonny. They call the cops.  He finds nothing. They send a detective? It's the new Ford -looking guy. Anyway, he thinks Carly is hysterical lady person. Sonny thinks Carly should go to a NEUROLOGIST! BAAHAHAA. HE's all of a sudden like, COGNITIVE TESTS FOR EVERYTHING!1

Liz, Jordan and copper arrive at the studio. Jordan asks what happened. Franco says: "Drew saved my life".  Franco goes to GH. Later, Jordan and Drew are in the morgue with Harvey. Drew says "You'll never hurt another child" Franco says he's going to tell Elizabeth but... commercial. 

Lulu later goes to Wyndemere to tell Valentin that she'll take him up on his offer. Something about PK Sinclair book. Nina is all "??" What is this about?! 

Jason tells Anna he thinks Heinrick is leaving clues for his mother to find with the book and taking of the lighter. 

MARK ZUCKERBURGER interrupted GH --- GREAT. Ok, whatever. He even wore a suit!! 

So that's that. 
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