Monday, April 9, 2018


So, wouldn't it have been funny if Jim Harvey was really Steve Harvey? LOL.. Or he at least played him??! This story so needs to be over.  Franco has Harvey in the trunk of the car at gunpoint, not the other way around.  Then, has him in his studio. This should have been a stunning moment but they took WAY too long,  chopped it up and it's just falling flat. Good acting but -- doesn't have the right impact for me.  So Jim confesses on paper, Franco says he can't go to the police because of the statute of limitations-- and wants to kill him. Jim rushes Franco to grab the gun. Winds up that someone gets shot in the end-- but you should see it. Not really shocking but a surprise enough to watch the end of the show. 

The Carly thing wasn't even scary...I mean.... you can tell those were Sonny's shoes.  She shows him the smashed photo and frame.  Sonny's mad she told Jason about the phone calls and scarf and not him. Of COURSE he is lol. 

Josslyn is so pretty --Eden is like what? 14. Oy she's going to just be a STUNNER. More than she is now. She's talking to Michael about...whatever. Not sure, don't care. 

Does Nelle not know Brad is gay? She hugs him to make Michael jelly I think!! ahahaahaaa She talks to him about a video of a moving car ?? Maybe she's going to make one for Carly? Brad talks about the baby adoption. Why are they just doing this all off camera? Won't the Powers that Be let it fly?? I don't understand!! 
Nelle could get hit by a bus and give the baby to Brucas on her deathbed. That's fine with me! 
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