Wednesday, April 11, 2018


SO, Franco thinks he might be an abuser after what happened to him. Kevin says, why would you think that? You haven't already... Kevin says he's going to be Ok. Elizabeth says he's going to be ok. He's going to move home. 

OMG MORE TALK ABOUT HEINRICK WITH JASON AND ANNA! make it stop. PLEASE! We ALL know how this is going to go. Just the way we know it will go with Maxie. *sigh*  Now Valentin is in the swamp with this (and I'm saying it) Useless character. I get Faison having a son-- but..this guy? REALLY? He's been as boring as a boil. 

Maxie and Nina talk about PETER AUGUST.  Maxie should move into Wyndemere. Might give it some life.

Val and Peter August---talked about..... THEMSELVES. 

ONLY THING TO SEE ON TODAY'S SHOW is EMMA. (she wants to go to Switzerland with Jason and Anna). 
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