Thursday, July 23, 2020

August 3rd??

Kristina Wagner posted this on Twitter! 

So, several sites including Soap Central with Dan Kroll (whom I trust) are saying that GH will air new episodes starting August 3rd. 
I still have not heard this from my sources ... but I'll keep trying. I hope THIS IS TRUE!! It seems very soon and with CA now having numbers that look downright scary, I just don't know. 

I'll try to keep you posted! 

More purging at Days continues, and Greg Vaughn is out. Does that mean Lucky may be back? Hmmm Who would you rather have? JJ or Greg? Or maybe you're a Jacob Young fan?? 

Are you watching GH daily? I am not because they are just too close to when it ended LOL. I may do a few next week to 'catch up' if possible. It's going to be interesting to see if people DO come back after this. Here's hoping! 


  1. I respect Greg Vaughan and his portrayal as Lucky, but the only Lucky I ever want back is JJ- I still want Lucky and Liz as endgame!

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  2. I love Greg on Days! I can't believe he's leaving!! BUT if Lucky would come back I'd accept Greg, or Jacob. As for Days...sorry off topic. Watched the Ben and Ciera wedding yesterday and if Ben is killed I'm one pissed b*! LOL! Write more later, gotta go in to work.

  3. Oh this is so confusing!!! If they are working, California is so bad, I don't know why they are!!!

    "Hmmm Who would you rather have? JJ or Greg? Or maybe you're a Jacob Young fan??"

    Jacob Young will always be JR to me on AMC. :) Like I said on twitter, JJ!!! :) Always and forever. :)

    "Are you watching GH daily?"

    Oh hell no!!!! I've just been putting up recaps from the 70's and 80's at the HAPPY Birthday To Haley Pullos post! I don't know if you have been reading my recaps, and watching the videos I put up.. That is more fun to do, than watching GH from April and May of 2020!!!

  4. I'm not watching either, but it sure is nice to see B&B new episodes, although it doesn't look like they are social distancing when they film. I'm JJ all the way - Greg Vaughan is actually only 11 years younger than Genie F. and never quite fit the part.

  5. Thanks for the updates Karen. It does seem odd when usually new shows don't air for weeks, months after taping and Aug. 3rd is two weeks away. I sure hope they don't make 'new' shows with flashbacks and editing.
    I have turned on the TV to watch and was quickly reminded of how each segment was a congestion of flashbacks. No thanks.
    As for long as whoever it is doesn't have that fur growth on his cheeks will be good.

  6. Love the picture of Felicia, Duke and Robin.

    Jonathon Jackson is the ONLY Lucky there is!!!!!!!

  7. I love greg vaughn. he was great on days

  8. Greg Vaughn is this week's guest on SB and BA's podcast.

  9. New GH spoilers are revealed. It sounds like the show is picking up directly, instead of a time jump(dang it). No word of whether the pandemic will factor into the show.

    Mike's fate is obscured by the spoilers(BROODING SONNY though), it sounds like Nina chews out Nelle on the stand,Brando and Cyrus may know each other and MONICA appears! Did not expect that.

    Oh yeah, Round 8540 of Anna defending Peter. UGH

  10. It's true. Yay!

  11. Yay! But nervous. Hope everything works out and nobody gets sicks...I'm in TX and it's SOOOOO bad here. I'm depressed. Almost 300 deaths. That's all I know, cause I'm trying to avoid the news, I just know we have it bad and I did hear CA was going up in numbers too. how is everyone I miss you guys!!! I miss GH. I miss our old normal...

  12. Yay! I wish they would finish up the current storylines and then do a time jump.

  13. Felicia’s wedding dress was spectacular

  14. I'm with Sonya, the only Lucky is JJ! I'm also with Michelle, miss you all, miss GH and miss the old normal.

    I'm thrilled that they're filming, and hope that they're all extra cautious. Can't wait for new episodes, but am seriously exhausted with Anna defending PLP. Jesus take him NOW!!!



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