Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Pills Pills Pills

This Nurse is awesome. LOL Carly's in SUPAH MAX!! The nurse tells her to shape up or ship out. RUPERT comes in (he's huge) and they want Carly to take meds. She's all : NOPE They meds are Llithium and anti-psychotics lol! Carly tries to fake the nurse out by not swallowing but the nurse found them. 

Kiki talks to Ava while Griffin looks really guilty. Ava's all cryin' because Kiki didn't tell her about Bensch. 

Jason/Sonny and Mike talking about getting Carly.  Sonny thinks it's because the DA is out to get him, that's why they had Carly put into the criminal mental institution. 

Jason gets a job at the mental institution as a custodian. 

Alexis and Val... Val gives her a photo of her mother with the watch on. He also gives her a record album.  Nina calls Valentin to come to Jake's and she wants a divorce. BUT REALLY she wants to get him out of the house while Curtis and Sam go into the tunnels. 


  1. Ok,just posted on Tues recap how much I hate when the show's are predictable while I was watching todays epi and then there's Jason applying for a job at Ferncliffe which I have to say was brilliant and something I did not see coming so... anywhoo good job Jason!! Lol! And I agree Karen the nurse is really soapy good! Looks like she enjoys her job a wee bit too much! Have a blessed day!

  2. Really? Jason getting a job at an institution for the criminally insane is laughable. It takes six weeks to do a background check!!

  3. it IS funny that Jason is working there now - in 12 hours he got the job

    - SOOOOO WHY didn't Sam offer to be a P.I. and help Jason find stuff on Nelle? that seemed weird to me.....

    there is now officially no redeeming quality in Nelle ---- she must go so it can't be Michael's baby......because they keep someone with no chance of changing -

    her scenes with Chase proved she is totally psycho....and if Chase doesn't tell Dante about Nelle, that is another ridiculous storyline.

  4. Awww. . . remember when Jason had to be a custodian at GH on Night Shift? I wish they had done more seasons of it!

    1. I have that series on dvd and have never even opened the package!

    2. I miss Port Charles, great soap!

  5. I still often watch on YOUTUBE when Billy Dee Williams was there on Night Shift- Ephinany had a thing for him and as he flat-lined - they sang What Becomes of a Broken Heart---it IS a must - Jason and Robin look SO young!!!!!

  6. Sonny's fake restaurant:

    Sonny, Jason, and Mike: Mike wins the line of the day.

    Mike: It's take your father to work day.

    ROFL! Wait need a big car to keep a body in?!!?! Oh oh! Is Mike still talking about the body he moved from Cronut?


    Nurse and Carly: Okay what in the hell is this?!?!! Why is this nurse so mean to Carly?!!?!?!?! Knock it off lady!!! Pills?!!?!?! Carly has to take pills?!?!! Who authorized that?!!!?! Was it Nelle? Is this nurse working for Nelle?!

    The hospital:

    Ava and Griffin: Awww Ava. :( Kiwi should not have kept what is going on from you.

    Kiwi and Ava: Okay Kiwi! SHUT THE HELL UP! You have no right judging your mother!!! Not after sleeping with Griffin!!!!!

    Locker room:

    BobTodd and Scumbag pig: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Get him BobTodd! GET HIM!!!! :) No Liz don't stop him!!! And what is with the headline #GHTOO? Is that a play on words from Metoo?

    Friz: Oh boy! When BobTodd finds out that Kiwi confided in Liz, he won't be very happy!

    The floating rib:

    Sam, Curtis, and Nina: Um. Okay. I changed my mind. I rather Curtis work on his own..

    Nina and V.C.:

    Nina: I want a divorce.



    Alexis and V.C.: Oh look a record!!!! And a record player!!! Great scene!!!! YAY! Love it! Oh Alexis's mother was pretty! Alexis looks like her mother. They never showed a picture of her mother have they? I wonder who the actress in the photo is. I love that V.C. had a

    Sam and Curtis: UGH! Why do they have to be together all the time!?!!?!? It's kinda boring. I rather Curtis work alone.

    Alexis's home: Great scene!!!! Awww Alexis. :(

  7. Caroline was doing her best Jack Nicholson in front of her Nurse Ratched. The temper and hiding the pills under her tongue and promising to be a good girl was pure Jack.When she looks in the mirror I am sure at times she sees Nelle. She is her mini-me.It cannot be that easy to get a job in a high security Facility. For sure Jason would have to get a Police check and fingerprints to work there but then again it's a soap.I hope she meets up with Heather while she is there.

  8. so. this show revolved around the mob and mob stories. we've known this for decades. so..... why doesnt Ava remember that she is a mob boss and kill dr. letch? you know, tie him to a chair (because that is NEVER done) and then torture him and kill him.

  9. OK, I have not finished watching yet, but why does Nina have her aunt in her phone as "Dr. Obrecht"?

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  11. Night Shift 2 Holla back! Robert Scorpio with colon cancer was Tristan Rogers finest hour. Then Fin made her entrance and Kimmy as Robin reconnecting with her dad - GREAT STUFF.

  12. I don't like Peter but these scenes are really disturbing - like when Franco had that guy in the dog crate. Not something I really enjoy watching. And I really like Chase but now they have to make him seem rather creepy. And yes, Carly in a mental institution is not exactly enjoyable summertime entertainment. Just sayin....

  13. Me too, Linda. This show is getting altogether too sick, and I don't mean that in a good way.

  14. "Di said...This show is getting altogether too sick, and I don't mean that in a good way."

    ROFL! I agree with you!!! It is getting to be too sick!