Thursday, July 27, 2017

WELP...Parker IS Back..

Yeah, don't ask we why. Don't ask me why they started this 'story' 2 times and dropped it. How can they expect anyone to care? I like them--or liked them. Now? Whatever. Why would I get invested in this 'love story' when it's probably not going to last? 

This show..ugh. 


K said...

That pretty much sums up my thoughts about it. Sure, I thought there was some potential for good story with her and Kristina, but it was way too long ago and there just wasn't enough real content when they were together on screen to really invest enough in them, or really give a damn at all. So why they're doing this now, makes even LESS sense.


LiamAZ said...

Typical of the show. Start a storyline, drop it so we can make sure we're getting enough Sonny & company screentime, viewers lose interest, bring back storyline in order to finalize it in a way that makes no sense or to kill off a character in order to make room for more nonsense characters.

Di said...

I never liked this storyline. She's much too old for Kristina who looks like a child when she's with her. And I never saw any chemistry between them. This is just something else I'll FF through.

Michelle Latta said...


AntJoan said...

Yes, I said this here before, Kristina looks like a child next to Parker, they don't look right together. And the way Parker speaks to her and calls her "sweetie" is how you would speak to your daughter or niece, not your lover.

nance24 said...

Definitely not what I wanted for Frank's "big news"

Isabelle said...

I might be the only one...but I'm looking forward for Parker's return...Kristina and her looked good together... Yes, she looks younger but she is not a child...

And Parker did not break up with her willingly.... Alexis made it happen!

LSV422 said...

Don't care either, but Kristina looks like a kid with anyone. MB always put something on Twitter about must see tv when he is featured big time in a storyline. Well, seeing him use one of his three expressions (the pained grimace) is not must see. However, I thought Billy M. did a really good performance today. And I like seeing the two docs working together.

Anne Long said...

Maybe its not a long time thing last summer she gave a seminar at pcu. So hopefully that's all it is this time and they are not putting her back together with kristina.

K said...

LSV422 said...

I thought Billy M. did a really good performance today. And I like seeing the two docs working together.

** He's always been a great actor. He was REALLY creepy when he first appeared on AMC. He's got quite a bit of range, when it comes to a character's personality. Which sadly frustrates me even more that they didn't give him is Q memories back. I would have LOVED to seen what he would have done.


sonya said...

UGH NO! I don't care about Parker!!!!!

July 28th episode..

The floating rib:

Julian and Scotty: Scotty's HUGE bib!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Julian wins the line of the day.

Julian: What's that Scotty? Are the ribs half price?

ROFL! Awww Julian payed for Scotty.. It must have been a nice date. :)

Carly's home:

JossCar: Oh they are just so cute together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

The hospital: Toxoplasmosis? No no no!!!! She does not have that! Her brain is pregnant!!!! Geez Finchy and Griffy you two are both blind!!!! GO KRISSY! :) Hmmmm when Finchy was in Sam's room, for a second there I was wondering if he was going to bite her neck hahaha. Oops.. Sorry was thinking about Livvey and Caleb from Port Charles.. :) Oh oh Sam in Comaland... Where she can see butterflies and coconuts..

The hospital parking lot:

Garvey and Carly: Oh boy!!! Carly brought down dying Garvey.. He is still alive wow!! Will he spit in her face and then die?

The hole: Sonny is still dying, and now deaf since he couldn't hear JaxCar around!!!

sonya said...

"he couldn't hear JaxCar around!!!"

Oops. I mean JossCar.