Monday, June 22, 2015

The Roseanne GH Connection

Roseanne was on GH as Jennifer Smith..

And..Genie and Tony were on her and Laura 

So, memory lane for you! 


patrix said...

That Rosanne clip is AWESOME!
Thank you for this. I'm feeling better about today's episode. This was a lot of fun. Definitely should of had Rosanne play this role.
Thank you Karen! This made my day.

sonya said...

Yeah so many great memories! :)

AntJoan said...

Yes, Roseanne ShOULD HAVE played the role!! She is the real deal, and the right age. You know, I met her once, at a book signing, she is awesome, her show was my FAVORITE show (well, except for GH, of course . . .).