Saturday, June 28, 2014

Please Welcome...Mr. "Craig Howard"!

Blogger Craig Howard said...
I guess I'm like you. You continue to watch the show and you obviously hate it it. I continue to read your blog, and I hate it. The past 2 days shows were awesome, yet you miss it, but you are back to bitch today.
Fairman's site at least has a true fan writing it, while this one just has a grumpy old woman who only sees the negative. please retire permanently.

Oh, myyyyyy.. cranky, aren't we?? Not sure which makes me laugh the most--- the fact you MISSED that I praised the show  this week quite a bit --- OR you MISSED the fact that you are taking the time to read a "grumpy old woman's blog".
GIGGLE. Whatever "Craig"... I love GH, always have, always will. I continue to write the blog because I watch and support the show. Yeah, I snark and make fun, but honey, that's WHAT I DO. 

So..."Mr. Howard" I think your life is calling you.  Please, go join it. This old lady has Sunday Surgery to write.
PS. I just added you to my Google+ circle so you can see ALL my bitchy posts !! 


sonya said...

My favorite part.

"PS. I just added you to my Google+ circle so you can see ALL my bitchy posts !!"


jasonroks said...

I'm intrigued of those who aren't grumpy old women watching the show. Wow. Who knew?!

If you're not "old" you don't even remember when the show was amazing. Wonder what classifies "old" these days.

Thankfully we all still love the show even though we bitch about it- or it would have gone the way of so many other soaps.

Find a young stud blog somewhere Craig. We grumpy, menopausal women rock the world!

dar said...

Do young studs watch soaps?

ishouldreadmore said...

Dar, Only if you are talking about wall studs in new home builds.
And whatever happened to respect for those who have more experience, and life behind them?????? Sigh.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Good one Karen ! ;-)

Mr. Shmekel said...

Ha! Good for you! People write things on the Internet that they do not have the guts to say in person. This "guy" is a twerp.

Cosmoetica said...

The last Mr. Craig turned out to be Jerry Jax.

Be careful!

delcodave said...

I;m bitter. And proud of it.