Thursday, January 23, 2014

Want Some of My Muffin?

Says Sam to McSilas. Sam's dressing like it's  August. Well, that's not new but she's at Kelly's for godsakes, put a sweater on her! Bobbie comes in, so does Lucas.

Dr. O rips into Brad  about being late and other things. Felix and Brad are going on a date (See Below)...

Nathan and Anna.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

OMG today's show was SUCH a huge snooze!! GEESH!

BriK was a but fun 

What was WITH the dock fog??  Sonny better be setting Moronigan up. Nope, it shows tomorrow the light bulb goes off for Sonny. Duh.
Oh, PS. Sonny can't DIMPLE DAZZLE Anna! She's immune!! 

OH SNAP@@!!! wow... Lucas slept with Brad last night and then they kissed in the office!!


Carrie said...

Gross. Why would Lucas sleep with Brad? He can do so much better.

Andrea said...

At least that is a love triangle that I can get behind! Brad in the middle I love it!

I was cold watching Sam. It is freezing here.

I really can't believe that Sonny is that stupid. Does he let anyone out of his mob organization?

Officer Hottie still can't act.

LSV422 said...

Haven't watched today's yet but I had to comment on how beautiful Liz looked yesterday. Becky H. sure has the fountain of youth.

kdmask said...

Becky has stayed out of the sun her entire life, you can tell. And never smoked. Probably hardly drank. LOL. Eats right.
SO THAT'S what clean living and good genes looks like?!

Di said...

I couldn't believe that Brad and Lucas spent the night together already. Lucas just got in town to see his mom and he spent the night out looking for someone to sleep with?? Give me a break. They spent months getting Robin back to Patrick but they couldn't spend a week or so setting Lucas up with someone?

Michelle Steele said...

Predict that the new cop will be Silas and Nina's son. She was PG when she went into the coma, her family wouldn't let him see her so he wouldn't find out. That is why he is invested in this case. New brother for Kiki and cousin for Rafe.

delcodave said...

>>> Michele

I was thinking the same thing about Nathan being Nina's son. But she was in the coma for 20 yrs. isnt she still in the coma? that means that nathan would have to be 20 yrs old... and the actor clearly is older than that.

unless i am screwing up the time frame?

delcodave said...

>>> Michele

I was thinking the same thing about Nathan being Nina's son. But she was in the coma for 20 yrs. isnt she still in the coma? that means that nathan would have to be 20 yrs old... and the actor clearly is older than that.

unless i am screwing up the time frame?

Di said...

I would say that he's too old to be Nina's son too. He's definitely older than 20.

Andrea said...

For him to be Silas's son he would have to be about the same age as Kiki. But since both Cam and Spencer keep changing ages Why not? not everyone SORASes at the same rate.

Avalonn said...

I think he's too old too but, he does look similar to Silas and Rafe. I wonder if Stephen Clay had a hand in this since him and Silas looked enough alike for Sam to think Silas was Stephen.

Pat..... Sun..... said...

I agree with what Michelle Steele said about the new cop. Somehow it is going to come out that he is related to Silas. The dark hair and those blue eyes are a dead give-away. And... the cop knows it, too, I'll bet. That's why he is so obsessed with the case. Even Anna is wondering why he cares after all these years.

Seems as if, for some reason, they felt they had to hurry along the Lucas triangle. Just a rush to a story line. No time for build-up. But no matter, we won't see anything more about it for weeks, if it goes like all the other stories go.

Still freezing here. Sam must have been cold in Kelly's. There's not even a lobby to catch the cold draft when people go in and out.

kdmask said...

How about he's her son from another relationship-he was 10 went she went into the coma (or younger) and he was with his father at the time?? She didn't talk about him because-- um...she didn't have custody?? Or she gave him up for adoption?

Either that or they are brother and sister. That's more my guess. But who knows.

LSV422 said...

I really like Ryan Carnes back as Lucas. That hook up was a bit fast, though. I wonder if Victor C. bought GH and that is why Dr. O was hired. Can't wait for Epiphany to butt heads with her. Really sad that TR is leaving - whenever I see Robert he just seems to light up the screen. Thank goodness we are seeing more of Anna. And fingers crossed that Rick H. is coming back. Nathan does have a hidden agenda but how many lost relatives can keep showing up?
Linda V

sonya said...

Yeah the show was pretty boring.

Kelly's: Sam and Silas had sex again! They were talking about it! :) Bobbie and Sam scene awwww! Bobbie is crying! Lucas now be nice to your mother! Is Bobbie still dating Noah?

Wyndemere: Oh oh Britch is late for work! Her mother won't like her being late! Brik sex! Awesome!

Ava's home: Woah Ava's hair got worse! Sounds like the actress has a cold. Julian's nipples are hard again. Must be cold in that room! Put the heat on! Oh oh Morgan spills about Duke!

The pier: Oh it's foggy!!!! Been a long time since it's foggy. Oh oh Anna sees Duke! Julian points a gun at Duke!! Is he going to talk Duke to death?

The hospital: Dr O is busting everyone hahaha! Including Detective West! Dr O wins the line of the day!!!

Dr O: Don't be flip with me you petty bureaucrat.

ROFL! This is so much fun! Hey Dr O! Felix and Brad are talking alone in another room! Go bust them. :) Felix and Brad had a nice conversation. Glad Felix apologized. Aww they have a date. :) OH OH OH LUCAS AND BRAD!!!! So they slept together last night?! What a kiss!!!!! :) Detective West and Silas in the elevator was Zzzzzzzzz.

Robert said...

I liked the faux fog! It added a nice bit of atmosphere in a logical place. Imo it spiced up the boring ole docks.

kdmask said...

I did TOO ROBERT!! Go FOG!! GO!!