Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Light Bulb

I struggled with putting this blog post into a different one all together--separate from Surgery. Then,  I thought what the hell--let's try to combo this together. We can review the show and I can give my two cents about the light blub moment I had this week.

Light bulb moment being that production is totally screwing with the flow/tempo of the show--NOT the writing. See, I usually bitch about the writing. It was so evident this week however that it was production messing with my story that I went "AH HA!!"  Yes, I do have problems with the stories but, maybe if they weren't all spread out and they could contiue uninterrupted,  they'd be better.

Strangely enough, ratings are at a big high. This thrills me to no end. Seriously, I love this damn show-and like a sports fan I love it high OR low. Hell, we lasted through some pretty low lows and we're still here. We don't just go to church on Easter, no sir--we are there every damn week!! 

On that note, Let the bitching begin. 

Well. That was me watching most of GH this week.  "I don't care"-- NEXT!! And yet-- it did have great scenes and great things going on. It's been so damn choppy lately that I can't even muster up the enjoyment of them. 

Case in point: AJ's story. This is when the light bulb grabbed me. It wasn't that the writers didn't WANT to tell this story (Connie's murder, AJ's reuniting with Michael, the Liz romance-- and his subsequent drinking), it's that the actors are pulled in and out for 'breaks' and we're left with giant gaping holes.  AJ was front-burner and Connie got killed. He went to jail...then...nothing. FOR MONTHS! NOTHING!! Then, the trial starts after we stopped giving a damn--and he's sentenced.  Another couple of weeks go by-then we see him all angsty and drinking-- THEN NOTHING! Oh, there he is, weeks later, still on a bender and having flashbacks to Connie's murder!! WHO CARES ANYMORE??!! Who can care about AJ's drinking, guilt and destruction when we didn't see him for ages??  Rumor has it that SK is leaving and this is AJ's exit story. IF it is his exit, it was a waste to have him back. AJ could have been a "rise from the ashes' story. Could have.   

Another example: Tracy and Luke.  Luke's back for a hot minute (I think he had to come back for like a day, tape and leave for vacation again) and Tracy is-- I don't even know. Trapping raccoons. I get that the rotating actor/story bin saves money but damn, this is just confusing and maddening. 

Ok, on to this week's stories.  We had the 'Sabrina situation' . -- Robin talking to Liz (and there's another puzzler--POOR LIZ!!) Felix being a buttinski. And, strangely, I don't care.  Because of the choppy story of Robin's return, it feels so 'off'.  Anna's not around her daughter anymore-- she's in "police mode" now, and I wonder when she'll find out about the pregnancy. Block taping at it's finest.  Finola is around the people in the Jerome/Carly/Franco case at the moment, not in Scrubs orbit. 

What else happened? Oh, yeah..Carly's still tied up. Luke's going to go "missing"  (cue vacation time). Laura Wright tweeted that she's on  3 week hiatus.  I'm sure she taped all of her gagged scenes together and they'll insert here and there. Heather has just been used one note too many. Same MO..same stupid plastic knife. I can't figure this storyline out. With all the crap going on with the Jeromes, why have THIS inserted into there? To keep Franco in the mix?

Speaking of Franco-- one aspect of the show I love is his therapy sessions with Kevin. Unfortunately they are few/far between and inserted when Kevin is on set. Kevin, Lucy and Scotty appear to be some kind of production trap to get us to think "oh fun..vets having sex and a story", only to be disappointed when we only see them 1x a week in fits and spurts. I'd love it if they had a weekly Kevin/Todd scene. Sort of like the Sopranos did. That would mean having JL on more. Not sure that will fly. 

Bobbie's back--yeah! I like JZ so you haters can all go to He-double L! I first saw her as  Lana on OLTL-- and then she came to GH. I also think she looks better and has added to the show a lot.  Now Lucas is back.  I'm wondering if they'll have Lucas Lulu scenes. Hmmmmm. Anyhoo, I'm glad  this is happening.  I do wonder what relatively newbies think; many have no idea who he is! You can tell he's a good actor just from the first second of his first scene. Let the story unfold. 

The mob.. another I DON'T care. Jeromes/Corinthos? YAWN. Yawn Yawn.. whatever.  The shooting? Max wasn't seen for literally what? 6 months--gets shot--everyone is upset, he wakes up and...
yah. He and Milo are off somewhere, doing something.  Things I like about the mob stuff is not really "MOB STUFF". I like that Sonny and Olivia are together without stupid lovey-dovey drama. They just are. They are a good team. Olivia makes a great mobular gal.  I also like the vibe between Sonny and Ava. Zowie. We do know that Maura has chem with the door, but it's right in your face with MB! 
OH, wonder when we'll see TJ again. Or Molly. Their 'stints' are over at the minute. NEXT! 

Liz and Nik were on for a hot minute. Another puzzler of story boarding. If Liz isn't on that much, and hardly sees Nikolas--should we care about them?  Britt's obviously off for awhile, so let's stick these two in a scene to remind people about Liz' caring about Nikolas.  (now that she doesn't care that much about AJ?) 

Still hoping this guy loosens up.  Right now? pretty wooden.  Silas' story is another I don't care.  It's not even a mystery I want to know about.  And that's the truth. 

Homage to the glorious breakfast laid out for the Qs! Look at the cuts on that fruit!

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Loved this--the dialog, the pace and the actors together. Like I said above, I think a weekly therapy session would be awesome.

FACE OF THE WEEK: This needs to be a poster somewhere!! Sonny telling Julian to leave the office. Such a great scene too. I loved it. Sonny was at his finest. 

 FAKE FACE OF THE WEEK:  Totally fake, dramatic! 

WORD OF THE WEEK: Assphat ..who knew Morgan could use such sophisticated slang when describing Franco? heh. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: give it up for the giant "Racoon catching net"!! And there's that glorious breakfast again! By the way, last time Tracy and Luke were on, they were sitting in the same spot eating picalila and crackers. Sad that I know that, but I do. 

Jelly Donut Jelly on the knife is a runner up--- because you know that jelly substance was used a LOT during those knife scenes.

So, that's my thoughts for the week. Sorry the blog is so dang long. I so want to really love the show--and I do love bits of it. As a whole though, I'm not feeling the drama flowing and the integration I'd like.  They might be saving money filming this way, but it's just not working for me. Obviously it's working for most viewers, so maybe I should just shut up.  LOL. (Ok, I heard that!))

Shirley Jones and Donna Mills are coming-- and Victor Cassadine.  I'm so happy the Cassadine story is picking up but does anyone else get the feeling this cast is so bloated we just can't get them all in? 
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