Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Going to Pawt Chawoahz

Watch my Betty Vine: 

Because if you hate Sabby, you will LOVE IT!!  Emma mentions HER MAMA when they tell her that they are getting married. Thank you.  Then she's all for it when they mention cake. UGH 

Stupid LULU.. that's SPINELLI'S KID!  Just give that giant Cawnie up. I think she's going to go psycho. Mac tries to help Maxie. Awww. wish Fe was there too.  

Robin finds out Anna and Robert are on the island and goes to find them--until Jerry stops her. Damn.  Then Britt says the baby IS hers and she only said that because Fiason was going to take him.  Good gravy. We know he's not, so don't continue lying! 
Britt sees Robin and is stunned.  

Nikolas is getting all Cassadine Bad-Ass.  Then Jerry shows them the TV cams of Anna and Robert then shoots off his gun.  Faison tries to elbow Nikolas and fails totally. heh.  Obrect is mad that Faison is happy Anna's there. 
Jerry wants Obrect, Faison and Robin to go get Luke's blood and make the cure before he dies or he'll kill Anna and Robert. 

Why didn't anyone call the Greek Police?  

GREAT SHOW!! Although you know Robin will skulk around PC for EVER and then wear a mask on Halloween and..
Oh hasn't this been done before?   AJ--- Gigi... on and on for YEARS!! 

Tomorrow looks like a total filler day, btw 


Kanella said...

Believe me the Greek police are of no use. Call the WSB instead. Nik must have their number on speed dial. I hate filler days. Just hand the show over to Faison and Obrecht. I could watch them for days.

kdmask said...

ME TOO!! :) I was like "Damn Ava and Todd tomorrow"??!!

Dustin said...

Holy cow that vine is hilarious!! hahahaha

kdmask said...

Dustin..I love VINE :) I do some stop motions too heh

sonya said...

Cassadine Island: Jerry Jax locks Robert and Anna in! Are they gonna think they are going to die, and have sex? :) Well, there IS a bed there. :) Jerry Jax wins the line of the day!!


Wow! Great line!!!!! Very powerful and sexy. :) The one thing I didn't like, is that Baby Ben was there. :( Faison and Dr O! ROFL! She hits him over the head and the way he was acting hahaha! Oh they are all going to Port Chuckles YAY! Altho, Robin has to be all hush hush that she is alive. :(

Lulu and Spinny: Oh Lulu come on!!! You are surprised and can't believe Spinny is doing this to you?! Look at what you are doing! UGH! Baby Georgie kept looking at Spinny awwww! :) And she is smiling awww! I want Spinny to hold his daughter!!!!

Mac and Maxie: Great scene! Aww Maxie still blames herself over Robin's death. :(

Patrick's home: Okay this scene is so strange. Sabrina is all giggly and wants to tell her BFF Felix about her engagement! She didn't seem 27 years old to me. She seemed 16! Sabrina you are so stupid! You know Patrick is an emotional mess!!!! Emma was adorable though. :)

LSV422 said...

I want Scorpio days everyday!! Couldn't stomach watching Lulu-heaven forbid she should let Spinelli hold his own daughter. What a selfish bitch she turned into. And sorry but I can't stand the actress either. Loved the Mac and Maxie scenes.

Andrea said...

Sabrina is way too excited about this. Grow a brain!

Once again I wanted to smack Lulu. She said I in every sentence. I bet she sings a different tune when Brit does not want to give up her baby, "but she is MINE" If I was Spinelli I would have called the cops right then and there.

Ava and Todd are boring. It like TPTB spent all this time trying to make Franco acceptable to us. that brain tumor made him do it. They took all the edge and evil that made Franco interesting and turned him into Todd, but Todd without an Agenda. panting after Carly, fighting with Derek... really boring Todd. There is nothing to get excited about. There is no point in him being on the show. It is a huge waste of RH.