Thursday, March 21, 2013

We knew it but..

Tyler Christopher tweeted he was back to General Hospital. 

;) So, that Nikolas rumor on the Wubs Net looks true!


MyaMcBriar said...

I'm very pleased!!

A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

Missed him.

Anon said...

He needs some good scenes with Genie - they always had a good vibe.

Hope that JJ surprises us too!


AntJoan said...

Ooooooh, how wonderful, I LOVE him. . . . I hope he stays!!

Karen, thanks for the spoilers update and the continued posts . . . Maybe you just needed to step back a little, but I think and hope that you can't totally stay away!!

Di said...

It'll be good to see him back. And maybe if he's not working elsewhere right now he may stay a while.

That's for the new spoilers. I can't believe Bobbie actually mentions Lucas.

LSV422 said...

Yay - he was always one of my favorites. He had such crappy storylines and poor acting partners (Natalia L.) which really made him unwatchable, at least for me. Can't wait!

LSV422 said...

By the way, I thought yesterday's show was exceptional. From Frisco and Maxie to Anna and Felicia, Mac and Duek and of course Luke, Laura and Scott - just fabulous. Have to pinch myself that I am not dreaming.

nance24 said...

happy to see him coming back:) Always liked him, just not alot of his storylines

Sharon Hemmerly said...

He looks great. He's matured and looks the part of a brooding dark prince.

Sharon Hemmerly said...

He looks great. He's matured and looks the part of a brooding dark prince.

LSV422 said...

OMG, what a great day. Tyler looks great - loved the way he walked in. And Bobbie! And the big surprise of the evil doc and Britt. I am gushing.

Anon said...

Didn't expect Bobbie back this soon OR Nik! And the Britt/evil Fiason doctor connection was a NICE unexpected Friday afternoon surprise!
Plus we get more Scott and Lucy scenes and Luke and Laura scenes and Scott and Luke sniping at each other. GOOD STUFF

And, I say this as a Scotty fan, he and Laura are fine BUT Scotty and LUCY is where the real chemistry is! AmI the only one who thinks this?

sonya said...

I'll put my thoughts about today's GH here.

The hospital: No Felix, Milo is not gay ROFL! Piffy busts Britch so bad!!!! :)Oh Britch you can't threaten Piffy!!! Britch tries but Piffy but it didn't work! Piffy did not stand down. :) But Britch did!!! Britch was sooooo bluffing!!!! :) Sorry Britch but Piffy is NOT Sabrina! :) So Britch threatens Debbie Downer and Felix sticks up for her.

The park: Oh great scene between Dante, Lucy and Scotty! And then another great scene with Lucy and Scotty OH THERE IS DR OBRIGHT!!!! Can't spell her name ROFL! She is SO acting strange with Lucy. :) Britch and Dr O!!! HELLO MOTHER!!! BAHAHAHAH! MOTHER!!! Delicious!!! Soapy deliciousness!!! :)

Lante home: BOBBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NIKOLAS!!!!!!!!! So good to see them again! Scotty shows up and he and Bobbie hug. Luke and Scotty argue. Laura wants them to stop and wants Luke to focus!! Great scene!!!!

Maxie and Ellie's home: Lulu visits and confronts Maxie about the baby! She knows the truth!! I was thinking is this a dream? YES IT IS! :)So Ellie doesn't want a baby but Spinny does!!! He wants a baby so bad!! Awwwwwwwwwww! :) Very strange reason for Ellie not to have a baby. :)

Patrick's home: Patrick isn't going to Sabrina's graduation because he is scared!! Scared of how he feels about Sabrina!!! Aww poor Patrick! Buck up Patrick! Go to the graduation! :)

sonya said...

OldscchoolGHfan says And, I say this as a Scotty fan, he and Laura are fine BUT Scotty and LUCY is where the real chemistry is! AmI the only one who thinks this?
No you are not the only one!! Lotty forever!!!! Scotty and Laura we can call Saura ROFL! But Lotty forever!!! :)

Di said...

Sonya, don't you think Spinelli would make a great baby daddy? I can see him as the house husband while Lulu goes back to work. lol It would allow for some great comedic moments.

I loved seeing Bobbie and Nicholas back. he is so handsome. I hope he stays for a long time and that they give him some decent storylines.

And I also like Lucy and Scotty, at least their interactions. they are fun together.

soaplover said...

I feel so-well, like a giddy fan.

Today was marvelous and when Nikolas walked in and went straight to Laura, my tears started. I sat there silently crying after it was over. His expression, hers, even Luke's, so heartfelt and touching. And I can't say I was ever much of a fan of Nikolas. Bobbie was SO welcome and looks marvelous. Luke has long needed his sister as a talk-to. Heroines need talk-tos, but so do heroes!

This is one happy fan about now. Luke and Laura in scenes them so. Liked the Anna and John scenes this week, too. Extra good stuff this week.

One little complaint--why are they dressing Laura in men's shirts and tie belts and not at all attractive stuff. The bright blue top was better, but too big for her. She worked so hard to get her weight down--why are they now making her look frumpy!?? I mean, she's been living in Paris for a few years...a bit of good fashion is called for.

CareyN said...

Sonya, you have it backwards. It's not
"BOBBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NIKOLAS!!!!!!!!!"
it's "BOBBIE!!!! NIKOLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
:) Wrong use of exclamation points.

Soaplover, Obviously I was crying too when Nik came in and I saw Luke in the back smiling. SMILING!!!!!!! I'm so glad those two have come to a middle ground. I'm head over heels for this show this week.

Can we hope Lucas comes back just in time to swoop Felix off his feet? Or, I dunno, Milo can switch teams. Talk about love in the afternoon. ;)

Who else thinks Elizabeth looked BEAUTIFUL!?! I was dying. I can not believe how gorgeous BH is. What I wouldn't give to have her hair and makeup people!!

And, total aside, but I have to comment on Sonya's comment about Ellie's weird reason for not wanting kids... I'm in my mid-30s (quickly heading to my late 30s) and I don't have kids, never wanted kids, still don't want kids. I'm also one of those radical environmentalists you may see on TV once in awhile. ;) And as such I've often told people, "If you want to consume fewer resources, create fewer consumers." It's not the only reason I don't want kids but it's up there. I also firmly believe "Adoption is always an option." (Plus, I have an awesome step daughter from a previous marriage. Trust me, they don't get much better than her!) So I was actually quite pleased to see Ellie express that POV.

LSV422 said...

If I recall correctly, wasn't Ellie told after her accident that she couldn't have children? I also had tears when Nik arrived-had to watch that three times. That look between him and Luke was so subtle yet so meaningful. Ahhh!!!