Monday, July 2, 2018

Shower Power

So, Michael gives Nelle a giant pear shaped engagement ring. (I bet it's fake)--she's all "Oh, I couldn't accept that".
Please, bitch, yes you can!! Of course she finally takes it. Michael tells Jason, Sonny, Olivia, Ned...Bobbie, Josslyn and Lulu they are getting married.  No one's happy but Sonny and Jason are in on the ruse so they are all "ok, whatever".  She asked Joss to be her Maid of Honor. She says yes. 

Carly's doing crunches in her room and that person nextdoor is messaging her again.  They say "I'm being held here against my will". DERP. Ugh whatever.  Kevin comes in later--who I think is Ryan. He gives her something to 'talk about during the next session' but I don't know what it is. 

Chase goes to Jordan with a set up for Nelle and she agrees. 

Spinelli restored the message on the chinese menu thing-- Jason and Sonny can see it now. 

In the Cabin... Sam (From OLTL) comes in --he's a Boyscout out in the woods. He finds Peter-- and tells him his name is Wyatt. Which is PETER'S name when he was on CHARMED AHAHHAA. Brahahahahhaa. Later, Nina and Dr. O come back, give him a shot and some cake.  Wyatt left his bugle there and Peter's hoping they don't see it. 

Maxie's shower. Boring. Maxie, Sam and Curtis talking about Peter? Couldn't BE more boring. zzzzzzzzzz. 

Nelle goes to visit Carly to tell her she's getting married. was such a bore


Di said...

Today was ridiculous. I guess they think the fans liked the story about Jason being held in the hospital against his will so they're doing a PC version. After all storylines must be repeated over and over again for best effect. *insert eye roll*

And I get that young people these days are viewed as a little egocentric but what kid was tell a guy tied up and held prisoner that he can't help him because he's off to a bonfire and smores. Give me a break. Hopefully he dreamed him up and my faith in humanity has not completely been flushed down the drain.

Did you catch the look on Sonny's face when Nell kissed Michael and walked away? I'm still laughing.

Barbara said...

HOW can Nelle get in to see Carly though? in MAXIMUM security looney-bin?

cannot wait for Nelle to be gone -----

the Peter thing - all of America has voted and the results are in - dim the lights -
PLEASE wrap this up and put us out of our misery!

Anon said...

GH has given up. If you can stand it, it catch the final days while you can.

sonya said...

Kidnapped cabin: Really?!?!! That little boy wouldn't help Hiney?!?!! Give me a break! I don't buy it! Hmmm that boy is so stiff acting.

"Karen says Sam (From OLTL) comes in"

He is?!!?! I didn't even recognize him!

Q home: Oh Nelle! Faking being skeered!!! Oh she is just testing Michael to see what he does! Now onto telling the fam! The looks on their faces hahahaha. Jason and Sonny have their little secret code with Michael! :) Hmmmmm Joss is acting strange.. I have been meaning to say, that Joss and Nelle should change clothes. I think Joss would look a lot better in Nelle's shirt.

Crazy loony bin: Oh come on Doc!!! Or Ryan! Tell us why you are acting strange over that neighbor! Oh hello Nelly!

Charlie's pub and restaurant:

Sam and Maxie:

Sam: Hiney Hiney Hiney.

Maxie: Hiney Hiney Hiney.

Sam: Hiney Hiney Hiney.

Maxie: I don't want him dead!


Sam, Maxie, and Curtis:

Sam: Hiney Hiney Hiney.

Maxie: Hiney Hiney Hiney.

Curtis: Hiney Hiney Hiney.


Dr. O and Nina: Dr. O wins the lines of the day.

Dr. O: Mr. Ashford. Still sneaking cigars I smell. Until Aristotle and Newton came along.


sonya said...

"Di says, And I get that young people these days are viewed as a little egocentric but what kid was tell a guy tied up and held prisoner that he can't help him because he's off to a bonfire and smores. Give me a break."

Nah it was totally ridiculous!!!!!

"Anon said...GH has given up. If you can stand it, it catch the final days while you can."

Yeah they sure have given up!

KT4GH said...

Does anyone else think that Francesca could be Sonny/Lily love child?

lindie said...

Wow. I didn't think about that but Francesca looks SO much like Lily. That would be a fun story line. Although, Sonny doesn't need any more kids. LOL

lindie said...

Back in the day I didn't like Lily because I liked Sonny with Brenda. Might be fun at this point to have that actress back.

AntJoan said...

Yes, Lindie, I NEVER wanted anyone to come between Sonny and Brenda, I still don't . . .

LSV422 said...

Brenda was the best love interest for Sonny, second to me was Sarah Brown's Carly. I couldn't fast forward yesterday's show fast enough. I agree the scene with the little boy was absolutely ridiculous and I can't even look at Heinie - unpleasant and repulsive. Also ridiculous is the past romance of Chase and Janelle - she was really a skank even back then. Michael was the only one who had the slightest interest in her. No wonder the ratings are so dismal.

Michelle Latta said...

Not sure why but I never liked Lily. I liked Brenda and Sonny together and then along came JAX ❤❤❤! The way Carly and Sonny got together was hot, just like when Liz and Jason had sex at Jake's. Damn I miss old GH!!

lindie said...

I miss old GH too. LOVED Sonny and Brenda. Liked Brenda and Jax too, but not like I liked her with Sonny. We were watching A Few Good Men last night. Think that is the movie and I was remembering when Demi Moore was on GH with Janine Turner. Two great actresses. I also liked Jagger and Karen at the time. And, Blackie Parrish.

lindie said...

Oh, do you guys remember Hutch? When he met Rose Kelly?? Loved that story line too. They were great together.

lindie said...

OK, Reminiscing about old GH is much more fun than new GH by far!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Latta said...

I miss Rose and Joe

Michelle Latta said...

Blackie, be still my heart. Those days were so awesome

AntJoan said...

SO GLAD others here agree with me that Sonny and Brenda were the best!

AntJoan said...

Everyone here knows how much I love Sonny, but I didn't fall in love with him until he started dating Brenda, then I really fell in love with Sonny & Brenda, I wanted them to get married and be together forever . . .

lindie said...

Me too. HUGE Sonny and Brenda fan here!!!!!!!!

sonya said...

"Michelle Latta said...I liked Brenda and Sonny together and then along came JAX ❤❤❤!"

Yeah I loved Brenda with Sonny, and then Jax came along, and loved her with Jax too!!!! I was stuck of who I wanted her to be with! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ROFL!

Michelle Latta said...

Me too!