Thursday, March 15, 2018

Let's Face It

I'm not tuned into GH lately-- I've basically been watching the Mike stuff and sometimes Franco and Drew because Roger is hilarious. Just heard this guy got a brother--the newbie cop. Who's name is Harrison Chase. So, these kids are Harry and Hammy. Nice naming skills mom! ONLY WAIT..they don't have the same mama, they have the same daddy.
So...why are their last names different? 

Hmmmm, who knows. I do love this behind the scenes photo of MEaston with Roxy. 

I have about a foot and 1/2 of snow. Life in Rochester still rolls on tho! I'm having a giant party on Saturday -- and guests next week so it may be a bit before I get back in here.  Keep it clean folks! Cheers. 
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