Friday, March 30, 2018

55 Years of GH

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Lots of flashbacks today! Starts out with Sonny talking about Memories and our identities. Sonny recreated Luke's Club for Mike to "Work" that night (he used to be bartender there). Everyone stops by to order a drink and talk to him. Kevin calls it immersion therapy and it works great for some Alzheimer's patients. 

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First Luke scene!!  We had Monica and Alan...Edward and Lila-- a bunch of flashbacks. Jason holding baby Michael for the first time.  Ned sings.  BJ scenes...they could have played more of those.  Lucy Coe Nurses' Ball montage.  Sonny shooting Dante.

Wow... All I'm going to say is this was pretty Sonny-centric and..we didn't even get a flashback of Laura. Very thin show for an anniversary edition, imo.  What did you think? 


JSL said...

Totally agree with you. I felt like it was a waste of time. It was being advertised as many surprises were part of the show. Sucked....IMO

Silvermist75 said...

Considering that GH is the longest running show on television - 55 years is a pretty big and important milestone. This show has so much history and so many great memories that they could've highlighted. I thought recreating Luke's was a great idea but the episode was weak and of course the ending was about Sonny and Carly. It should've been at least a 2 day event and we should've been surprised with someone from the past - I was waiting for somebody to make an entrance.

delcodave said...


LSV422 said...

Loved the flashbacks and everyone looked great, but no Laura, especially at Luke’s? So disrespectful to the character and the actress. They could have done so much better.

LiamAZ said...

I agree with you all. This show could have been an "everyday" show - especially since it was centered around Sonny's orbit. An anniversary show deserves so much more. Yes, there really are so many great moments from this show and it irritates me that they always show the same flashback scenes. I feel like it cheapens the history of the show and doesn't truly illustrate the great history and characters of the show to viewers who may not have watched GH as long as some of us have. I've watched since I was a young boy in the late 70's. I really wish there was a show or shows with a long-term character who narrated to another character the history of Port Charles and highlighted all that happened in the town for each year the character was there. Furthermore, it astonishes me that the show so often neglects characters from the 80's during the height of GH's popularity like Celia and Grant, Sean and Tiffany, The Webbers (including Mike and Ginny), Jimmy Lee Holt, Rose Kelly, Blackie and Lou, Claudia and Brian, D.L. Brock, Tony and Tania, Tom and Simone Hardy, Annie Logan, Templeton sisters, Joe Kelly, Jake Meyer, Colton Shore, Teri Brock, etc. among so many others. Even characters from the 90's like the deceased Dominique Baldwin, Katherine Bell, Stefan Cassadine, and Dawn Winthrop (Monica's daughter) are rarely mentioned or spoken about. Then you've got characters like Julia, Jagger, and Gia - who are rarely mentioned and that's just some living characters with the Ju or Gee pronunciation.

Silvermist75 said...

LiamAZ: ...Well Said

Karen: If you are asked to do another guest column for Daytime Confidential you should do a piece on the "GH 55th Anniversary Show"

Nina said...

Just awful. Not a tribute show at all. FV called it a love letter to fans. What I saw today was more of a poison pen letter

AMC GH said...

People who were not even there got memories and there is ELIZABETH just standing there all dressed up. Jason acted like he had never even seen her before. Would have been nice to have a Liason moment...share a drink or a dance?! They do share a child. I was ticked that 20 years of Elizabeth got no attention. Poorly done. They treat Becky wrong!

kdmask said...

I will address all this in Sunday Surgery!

Alicia said...

Agreed, I was expecting at least one flashback for her, especially since she's a twenty year veteran of the show, the should have had her dancing with Jason instead of Anna and by the end she was nowhere to be found. The show was an overall disappointment to me

witch said...

I thought the anniversary show they are making sonny the new steve hardy. what a joke.

LSV422 said...

Shocked to see on Twitter and CDL that Kin Shriner is out as Scotty. WTF? How is this possible? Can’t imagine GH without him.

sonya said...

FLASHBACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! :)

Maxie's home:

Felicia, Mac, and Maxie: GAH sad!!! :( Snap out of it Maxie!!! You know this is Port Chuckles! He isn't really dead!!! He will be alive in a year or two with amnesia married to a woman and has 3 kids with her.

Bobbie and Maxie: GAH! BJ!! :( Great scene!

"Luke's club: LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Lucy and Doc: A very rare scene with them. I wish Lucy would have talked about Sigmund and that they had a flashback.

Bobbie and Scotty: Hahahahaha love their scene. :) I want more scenes with them from now on!!!! Scotty wins the line of the day.

Bobbie: Deep down, I know you miss him.

Scotty: Like a skin rash.

ROFL! Aww Scotty do you miss your friednamy Luke? :) Nah not friendamies Bobbie! More like a hateamy! ROFL!

Lucy, Doc, Mac, and Felicia: I love Mac and Doc as women!!!! Actually Doc looked hot as a woman back then. :)

Jason and Monica: Awwwww he loves her!!!! Love their scene!!!! The flashback of Monica and Alan hitting each other with those bats, hahahahaha. Hysterical! :) I miss Alan and Monica together.. They always bickered and cheated.. Alan always tried to kill her ROFL! Those were the days. :)

Mike and Lucy: Wow!!! Mike remembered Lucy as co-owner!!! :)

Anna: Damn Anna looks so skinny in her dress.

Carson: They are the only ones dancing at the end there.. Oh oh Sonny Jr is raring to go!!!

Oh man I want more than one day only!!! Few days or a week's worth of flashbacks!!! COME ON WRITERS! I WANT MORE!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

sonya said...

"LSV422 said...Shocked to see on Twitter and CDL that Kin Shriner is out as Scotty. WTF? How is this possible? Can’t imagine GH without him."


nance24 said...

I was disappointed, too so many more flashbacks could have been used. The minute I heard Sonny narrating at the beginning I knew I wasn't going to be happy. And the final shot of Sonny...when will they realize he's not the great romantic lead anymore????????? I also saw the tweet about Kin being let go and they have really lost their minds now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AntJoan said...

WHAT?? PLEASE SAY IT ISN'T SO, KIN CANNOT BE LET GO!! JUST CANNOT, I WILL NOT HAVE IT!! I LOVE SCOTTY, he is such an original and wonderful character . . .

I liked the show yesterday, but, of course, I love Sonny and I know that others here don't. I was thrilled to see the show with Audrey meeting Steve, never have seen that clip. I also loved and enjoyed ALL of the flashbacks, although I know that many of them have been seen multiple times. Many, however, I don't remember seeing at all. They should have done this for at least 2 days, they of course could not fit in everyone in one day's worth of clips. But I enjoyed the clips they did show, and loved Eddie Maine!!

LSV422 said...

AntJoan, I agree they should have had 2 days. We didn’t even see any Cassadines except for Alexis. 55 years is a bigger deal than they acknowledged.

soaplover said...

Hi AntJoan,
I used to despise Sonny but only because he was the whole show, on every day, the big tough mobster, sleeping with all the PC females, his sad pick-up lines, his sickening dimples that people commented on endlessly...the former writer, Bob Guza drove it into the ground! The actor was only doing his job, but the people in charge should have caught on that so much Sonny was WAY too much. Guza seemed to think he was writing the Godfather. But I wanted to see General Hospital. So I hated Sonny and Guza.

It is different today. I can almost tolerate him because he has stories that don't take over and that aren't full of hotcha mobsters, gunfire, and females talking about his stupid dimples. He is finally a little more human. He is still on too much, but TPTB still think he is the star here. They have pushed other vets who have been here as long, way to the back or let them go. I do resent that, but since Sonny has matured to stories people can relate to, he is easier to stand. This Alzhiemer story is a heart-breaker and Maurice is doing so well with it. It is good he and Carly have settled down to a believable pairing. What I still have a problem with is how the whole town just is fine with the town mobster showing up at major civic events as if he were just another citizen. There he is at breakfast the other day, a cop on one side of the table, a businessman on the other--okay they were his sons, but it still seems odd for a known mobster to be so welcome everywhere.