Monday, August 24, 2015


I love August! :) Love the birthstone, the weather, corn on the cob...just everything. I actually periscoped the opening of GH today. 

That judge is a mute or what? Geesh, it's the most circus of a "trail" I've ever Witnessed! Ava admits she's Ava under Scotty's  questioning. She yells it. lol  I'm AVAAAAAAA JEROME! Kiki cries. Morgan sits there like a toad. She shows Ric the photo of Nina over Silas. He's going to go charge her with murder.  But !! Ric calls Nathan and tells him to do something (we don't know what) regarding Nina. Maybe help her escape?? 
Anyway, Ric does charge Ava with Connie's murder.

Sam had on white! She and Alexis drank wine and chatted.

Maxie and Nathan were on exposition duty today. 

Glad I watched! 


Anonymous said...

Maura West is AMAZING!!!!! She is so deserving of her Best Actress Emmy! I love to hate Ava!

patrix said...

I thought Scotty won the day.

sonya said...

"Karen says Glad I watched!"

I smell sarcasm! :)

Sonny's home: Awww look! Julian and Sonny had a nice bromance bonding moment! :)They were so close together and it looked like they almost kissed. :) Love is in the air! :)

The hospital:

Liz and Patrick: So when Liz gets married to Jake Doe, she is going to be Elizabeth Doe!!! Right?!!? Since they really don't know his last name! Can you just see the wedding certificate?!!? Elizabeth Webber Doe!!! Ridiculous! ROFL!

Julian's home: Awww what a great scene between Sam and Alexis! :) Great conversations between them! And Sam's cupcakes were happy! :)

Metrocourt: Cute dress Maxie had on! I loved that green outfit she had out!!! I can't believe she wore shorts the other day! No women on a soap wears shorts! :) Woah I can't believe Nathan showed Maxie the picture of Nina holding the knife while McSilas was dead! That's evidence!!! Shame on you Nathan!


BobTodd's court: WOW!!!! So Dr O helped Scotty!!!! I love it! Although I am disappointed Heidi didn't help him. Hey that stenographer lady looks a little like Heidi. Are they related? :) I'm sure they are sisters. :)Love the flashbacks!!! Although why is the camera being all wonky!?!?!

Scotty wins the line of the day!

Scotty: I don't specansi doich.

ROFL! I want more Scotty and Dr O scenes!!!! Brilliant!!! :) Scotty was great in court!!! Go Scotty go!!!!! :)

Scotty: Who came back?! Who came back?! I need verbal conformation here! Who came back for those girls? Was it Denise Demoochio, or was it Ava Jerome!



Tomorrow preview:

Dillon to Lulu: Valerie's pregnant.

Hmmmmmmm. Here I thought we would have to wait two weeks to find out she is pregnant! I thought during the wedding she gets shot, and then she finds out she is pregnant. Maybe she gets shot at the wedding and has a miscarriage. UNLESS it's someone dream. Maybe Lulu is dreaming that Dylan is telling her that Val is pregnant. Or Val is dreaming. Double hmmmmmm.

LSV422 said...

Scotty is such a gem - never fails to entertain, and even more so with Dr. O. Morgan has had that look on his face for a month. I hate to see that little twerp Sonny think he can kick Julian's ass. Today should be good, too!

Panda said...

The trial was a farce, but thank goodness the Ava secret is totally out in the open. Morgan's face hardly had any expression that he looked like he was waiting in line at the DMV. Loved Scotty!

MatchboxGinny said...

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