Tuesday, November 26, 2013

UGHHhhhhh Frustration

FINOLA and KIM....nailed it!! Awwwwww ...Just think Kim has been on about the time she was Emma's age!

That apt is too dang clean to have two babies in it!!  Throw some stuff around.  It's empty!


OH for godsakes, did they stand there long enough and NOT TELL PATRICK? geesh!!  GET a move on!! Liz looks fabulous. HAHAA..Epiphany took pics of a drunk Liz on her phone! yeah!!  NOW Robin is like: I can't leave until Nikolas is found?! WTF!!  COME ON. At least Duke hands her a phone. And..Patrick left  his phone at home.  LOL 
AND.Nikolas and Faison are gone--and Luke too. GOOD GOD

AND PS..didn't Patrick show Brad a photo of Robin ON HIS CELL PHONE????????? and his cell phone was home??????????? wtf.

Maxie is so sad. She needs Prozac.



bumchickabowbow said...

Holy tears, Batman! Such a good show. I loved the shot of all of them standing together with Robin. I can't wait for Robin to see Emma and Patrick.

kdmask said...

TAKING TOO DAMN LONG! Having Robin stand there forever was just ugh

delcodave said...


are we supposed to just assume that the Quartermaine's were eating pizza for dinner today?

dar said...

This damn "wedding" is going to drag on into next week. I can't believe it.

AntJoan said...

Say it isn't so--really, until next week? This is Nov. sweeps, doesn't this torture have to end tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

I forgot that Patrick showed Brad a picture of Robin on his phone, but then I watched the first half and the second half two hours apart.

Ellie looked way too bummed about not getting her invitation when we've never seen her and Sabrina hanging out together. it would be more believable if they were friends at all.

what is with Robin needing to stay to make sure that Nikolas is okay? he would totally understand her rushing to stop her husband from marrying.

Did you know that there is going to be a Nurses' Ball marathon on Thanksgiving from 7 PM - 1 AM on Soapnet?

Michelle Latta said...

I'm sure the reason it's being dragged into next wk is we have a short wk for the soaps. Thurs is a repeat and Fri is crap. But that doesn't explain no Q's for Turkey...err Pizza day. :(

Denise Preston said...

Are there any Q's left to HAVE pizza. Wouldn't it just be Monica and Tracy hanging out? No AJ - maybe Michael and Kiki could stop by LOL!

Good day today, but I am ready for this to be over as well. You know tomorrow will be "the wedding" with a cliffhanger of Robin entering the church and everyone STARING. So Robin can enter the church and every can STARE again on Monday! At least the end is in sight.

Looking forward to seeing what is up with Faison and Nik. What happened to Luke? Wasn't he supposed to be watching Faison?

AbsoluteLunatic said...

Bored with Robin's return.

campus disco said...

what did I miss? Sam mentioned "Now that Rafe isn't here anymore..." Where did he go?? Not that it matters much, just wondering if I missed something

sonya said...

Patrick's home: What are you wearing Liz?!!?! It's like your from the 1960's! ROFL! Burn that dress and wear something else! :) No Liz you are wrong! Robin IS alive!!! You live in Port Chuckles! The land of people coming back from the dead! Et tu Piffy? Come on!! Oh pictures of Liz at the bachelor party! :) I wanna see the pictures! :) Liz drank from a shoe ROFL! Who's shoe? She has no idea. hahahaha! Robin is calling Patrick!!!! He left his phone!!!!

The hospital: Brad wins the line of the day!

Brad: I am Asian! That kid of yours looks nothing like me! And the older he gets, the more obvious it's going to be!

ROFL! That is exactly what I and other people have been saying!!!! :) Oh look Patrick with his phone!! Wait. He left his phone at home! Hmmm maybe he has two phones? Or it's just bad editing!!! Ron Carlivati is on twitter! And he says.

Ron Carlivati ‏@carlivatiron Patrick took Emma's phone with him by mistake. #GH

Umm what?! ROFL! Little Emma has her own phone?! Oh and Britch is right Patrick! Listen to her wisdom!

Wyndemere: Oh they showed a flashback of when Robin was little and ran to her mother and it was in slo mo!!! YAY! And then back to reality where Robin sees her mother and they go in slow mo YAY! :) Scorpio family hug! YAY! Oh Duke shows up! That takes the cake! :) Time to go see Patrick and Emma! Oh no wait they can't! They gotta find Nik! BAH! Duke gives Robin the phone to call Patrick! She doesn't think it's that easy! YES IT IS ROBIN UGH! CALL YOUR DAMN HUSBAND NOW!!!! She does, but then leaves a message! ROFL! Okay now don't wait for his phone call back! GO TO THE WEDDING!

Felix and Sabrina's home: Emma hears Felix cursing ROFL! Woah nice arms Felix! :) Show Brad your nice arms! :) Oh Sabrina is STILL all happy! Until she finds out Ellie and Spinny didn't get the wedding invite! Oh no! It must be Robin's ghost! Oh no wait no it's not the ghost. It's Robin herself!!!! Listen to your instincts Sabrina!!! And with something blue, don't wear your ex boyfriend's Caaaaaaaaaarlos's necklass! What is the matter with you? Oh I know! You still have feelings for him!!! Don't you?!

Ellie and Maxie's home: Oh Maxie come on! If you think you are a bad person, FIX IT! You have 6 months! Stop moping and work on yourself so you can be with your daughter! Mac and Felicia show up YAY! :)

Mac: Fake it until you make it.

Haha. That is what my mom says! :)

Sam's home: Oh Rafe don't live there no more?!!?!!? WOW!!! Where does he live now?! Spinny holding his daughter YAY! :) Aww you can tel he is the first time dad hahaha! Awww Spinny. Yes your daughter is full ROFL! Oh McSilas shows up! Oh Ellie does too! Oh oh Maxie too! No Maxie! Go home!!!!!

helkatmat said...

I've lurked on this board for years and finally joined to ask this...

Did anyone else think someone should check to be sure it wasn't an impostor wearing a Robin mask?

CareyN said...

helkatmat--And shouldn't Robin check that's not Faison in a Duke mask, or Olbrecht in an Anna mask? Now, thanks to the overuse of masks, I'll be thinking that every time someone returns from the dead...or from a lunch break! And PS...Stop lurking and post regularly, because that was a great question!!

OK--KS Emmy reel? she nailed it today. So sad and sublime and had me crying more than the Robin/Anna reunion.

Sonya--Sorry but Liz looks ah-maze-ing and I'm going to write the head of wardrobe again and shower him with compliments about that dress.

OK, Flash Poll: who are you most excited about seeing Robin reunited with:

I put them in my preferred order. I know Jason Thompson will kill it because he's just a phenomenal actor, but JohnJYork and KMcC have such a history together that I'm really waiting for their reunion....waiting with kleenex! And also for Felix and Robin to meet. He's been quite the influence on little miss Emma. Not sure how Robin will feel about that. :)

I won't be watching Wednesday's show until after the holiday, so have a lovely Thanksgiving everyone. I'm grateful to Karen for hosting this board and allowing me a place to share my love, hope, fears, and frustration about a show and the characters who have been a part of my life for 20+ years; and to all of you for joining her on this crazy ride!

kdmask said...

YES, everyone should should check EVERYONE'S FACE on this show lol

sonya said...

CareyN said...Sonya--Sorry but Liz looks ah-maze-ing and I'm going to write the head of wardrobe again and shower him with compliments about that dress.
She should have just picked a different color. The one she had was drabby.

OK, Flash Poll: who are you most excited about seeing Robin reunited with:
All of them!!! :)

Pat..... Sun..... said...

As some of you said.. they should be looking for masks. Never trust a face again... never trust a DNA test... and never trust a death certificate!!! Love this show!!!

love2chat402000 said...

Liz looked fantastic! Dress appears to be made of silk brocade and gold color was vibrant! She is absolutely beautiful!