Saturday, May 25, 2013

Do The KiKi!

In Honor of 

Let's  HAVE A KIKI! 


Di said...

lol Thanks for that. It's the first laugh I've had since hearing that name.

Deb K said...

Please restrict air time for Kiki and Morgan until further notice

sonya said...

OH KAREN! ROFL! Let's have a kiki! Let's do the Kiki! ROFL! Thank you Karen! :) I never seen this band or whomever they are before. I like them. :) LET'S DO THE KIKI BABY! :)

Elizabeth said...

that may have been the weirdest song that i have ever heard--at least one that wasn't a parody.

AntJoan said...

Well, now I know where the song came from when Sara Jessica Parker did it on Glee.

Elizabeth said...

AntJoan, I forgot it was covered on Glee. i knew it was familiar when i heard it, but i couldn't figure out from where i heard it.