Monday, July 9, 2012

"Threw Up in My Mouth a Little Bit"!

Oh TAWD!! LMAO!! He's the voice of the people!!  He wants to take over Starr's recording contract. "I've killed my twin in cold blood"..."I've killed my cold blood"...that's just in the last year!! Heh.

Jason sees THE KISS..and blinks 3 times instead of the usual 2.  And THEN Sam leans in for kiss number TWO!! wowzaaaaaaa THAT was a make out!! Jason runs to the BRIDGE where Liz is--by herself.  TO find an IRONMAN doll... Cam left behind.

Patrick.  OUCH.  those girlies got you!! He looks kinda cute all high as a kite, doesn't he?? 

Starr and Michael decide to give it a go. Wow, SHE is further along in her grief process than Patrick.

Ok, The shed: Anna almost gets to Luke --when the dog smells a dead body or animal in the woods so they leave. He falls over in his chair.  They leave. Whoops. Poor Luke.

"Why does it seem like all we do is say goodbye" says Sam...Such OLD SCHOOL SOAP!! eeee!!

Um,  Heather caught the McBam kiss on her computer!! whee hoo!!


friscogh said...

When Patrick kept implying that Maxie didn't understand his grief I was waiting for her to bring up Georgie or Jesse.

Jason Thompson deserves an Emmy.

Andrea said...

The second McBam kiss was smokin! Sam leaned in and wanted it. The chemistry that Sam and McBain have is awesome.

Apparently as hard as a time that Patrick is having. Starr seemed to get over losing her child and boyfriend with a blink of an eye. Patrick was great today.

The PC police strikes again. A cabin 100 ft from a dead body and no one ever looks in a broken window they walked by twice.

Heather has turned into the new Sonny . Untouchable.

Andrea said...

The second McBam kiss was smokin! Sam leaned in and wanted it. The chemistry that Sam and McBain have is awesome.

Apparently as hard as a time that Patrick is having. Starr seemed to get over losing her child and boyfriend with a blink of an eye. Patrick was great today.

The PC police strikes again. A cabin 100 ft from a dead body and no one ever looks in a broken window they walked by twice.

Heather has turned into the new Sonny . Untouchable.

sonya said...

Sam and McBain: THEY KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! Jason sees!!!! Jason leaves, and McBam kiss again! WOOT WOOT! WOOT WOOT! :) HOT HOT HOT HOT! I wanna sing!!!

So we go rum-bum-bum-bum
Yeah we rum-bum-bum-bum
Feeling hot hot hot -- Feeling hot hot hot - oh Lord.

Liz and Jason: Jason is on the bridge upset over the kiss. Well geez Jason! Your marriage IS over right? Liz is being there for Jason, when he KISSES HER YAY! Rebound kissing for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) WOOT WOOT! :)

Starr and Michael: They kiss too!!!!!!!!! They are going to date! Well they are going to take it slow and go on a first date. :) They are so cute together. :)

The woods/cabin: Oh look Anna found dead grandpapa Z!!! :) The police have police doggies YAY! :) Anna tried to open the cabin door but couldn't. Poor Luke is trying to yell for help, but nobody can hear him!!! Anna decides to leave. NO ANNA!!! DON'T LEAVE! NOOOOO! Damn soapy goodness. :)

Todd, Johnny, and Carly: Todd sees them kissing, and Todd says he threw up a little in his mouth. ROFL! He says it's not them, it's the boat because he is sea sick ROFL! Since when Todd? :) Todd does not like that Johnny is managing Starr's singing career and wants to buy him out. Johnny won't do it. Todd thinks Johnny is hiding something. Johnny agrees that he is. Todd tells Carly hate to tell you I told you so ROFL! Johnny says he wants redemption and helping Starr will help that.Carly says hate to tell you I told you so ROFL! Todd says he needs a shot of insulin! ROFL! DAMN I LOVE YOU TOO! :) I love how Todd threatens Johnny at the end of the scene, when he talks about if Johnny hurts his daughter or his friend Carly! :)

Patrick, Lulu, and Maxie: Great scene!!! They confront him! He claims he has ADHD!!! He is lying and they know it! Lulu wants proof and he can't give them any! Poor Patrick!!!! :( Where is Piffy to kick his ass?!!?! Patrick agrees to give them the drugs. Woah that is way to easy!!!! Patrick gives Lulu the bottle of pills that he has. Yeah right! I'm sure he has more hidden!!! They want him to talk to a therapist!

Secret room: Woah someone watched the McBam kiss!!!! Who is it? But then they showed in tomorrow's previews, Heather and Todd, and Heather shows him a picture!! So Karen, Heather did it? Interesting! :)

Anon said...

Heather is great - RM is bringing the crazy and I love it. Would love for a real Heather/Todd teamup against Sonny with McBain/Anna in the mix too...I want to see Sonny squirm and twist in the wind. He has gotten away with too much over he years (vs. Heather who has done time for her crimes)

Cosmoetica said...

Oldschool: I'll take Heather and/or Todd over Sonny-Jason any day.

Brender said...

I don't want Jason to rebound kiss Liz. I thought she was going to find her own over the summer and now the writers are going to have her pining for Jason again? My girl deserves better! I love when her and Jason are together because a part of me will always be a Liason fan, but I want Liz to be the one that walks over people for awhile.

Sam and McBain. Oh. my. GOSH!! That was HOT. Never saw them in Port Charles, but I guess I missed out on some scenes!

The show wasn't too bad today!

My2Cents2 said...

The McBam kiss. Well they certainly aren't brother & sister now are they? Ron wouldn't be so sick to write that?
And there's Liz, in the shadows for Jason. SHAME on you writers!!

Stanky-a dead body next to the cabin Luke is in, and his poop and pee he must be stanky!!!!!!

Notice we get Starr one day and Krissy the next. I could do without BOTH.

Yep Patrick was sweating and high as a kite. Bad story, good acting.

love2chat402000 said...

Sam went back for seconds. Liason kiss was cut off by commercial break and then they were back and it was done. Liked it but wanted a longer kiss. However, Liz was defending Sam and Jason yelled at her as well as started that kiss. Glad he said that he doesn't deserve Liz because he doesn't. Wish Heather would put the pic of Sam and John out on the internet since we know Todd won't let her put it in the paper!
Sad that with all this heat , Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini will just put jasam back together as their end game and waste today's kisses. Predictable.

love2chat402000 said...
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glennash3 said...

I just don't know if I can watch GH today. With more than 51% of marriages ending in divorce, it's just not something I want to watch. I can't imagine that anyone that has been betrayed by cheating would want to watch it either.

If the rings had been removed, divorce papers filed, and each party knowing they were free to move on with someone else, then maybe it would be tolerable. Emotional cheating is just not something I care to watch.

I'm a "Love Concurs All" kind of girl. Most every show I watch has some kind of underlying love story to it. I want to believe that if my husband and I weren't together that he would be pining over me wanting me back, not knocking back beers with an ex-lover.

I thought it would have been a better story for Sam and McBain to have been real friends. Sam could have helped with his cases as a P.I. Then, let Natalie dump John because he was too consumed with his work or something, not kill them off.

To me, the cheating seals the deal, Jason and Sam are done and Natalie and John are done. No love concurs all on GH. I think that why I quit watching GH years ago when Frisco and Felisha split up.

Goodbye GH!!!

My2Cents2 said...

Glennash....Perfectly said!!

sonya said...
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love2chat402000 said...

Karen, LOL :), it's not ironman doll but 'action figure' as Liz said as not to offend jason/men/boys who play with dolls, oopse, action figures, smirk.

sonya said...

Hey everyone! Did you hear? It's national no bra day today! :)

Andrea said...

It is a soap. If it was not for lying and cheating half the stories would not occur. Most people don't remember that Laura was married to Scotty the whole time in her romance and adventures with Luke. Her divorce was final just DAYS before Luke and Laura got married. No one stopped viewing Gh when Monica and Alan cheated on each other on a regular basis.

I'm not saying I condone cheating on ones spouse in real life. But again this is a soap.

Would you marry the person who watched your son get kidnapped and didn't say anything? Or marry a man who KILLED people for a living?

It is fantasy! And lying and cheating makes the world go round in a soap. Gh does not reflect morality in any way. People get shot regularly and everyone thinks the Mobster is a "good man'.

The excuses I have heard why people refused to watch today were ridiculous and 95% of them were fabricated. People boycotted because there couple is not together and they are protesting. A childish act that may cost GH its slot on daytime TV.

Anyone who is moraly opposed to watching cheating of any kind never was a soap fan, no one who has watched GH for years came to that realization today.

rebeccakeen said...

The ONLY good thing about today's show and GH as a whole is Lulu.JMB should be the main lead on the show because she the best actress on it.

AbsoluteLunatic said...

Kiss kiss bang bang! Good show today except for Michael & Starr.
So this is the second time Jason catches Sam with another man? First Ric, now McBain. Ha ha!

Joanna said...

If they would just move the writers of Army Wives to soaps, they would never go off the air! Now, that's a soap!

love2chat402000 said...

Watch you tube clip: Next on GH Wednesday July 11
Trouble!Sam confronts Jason and Liz with Steve present.Can't wait for Jason to turn it around on sam as she doesn't know he saw her kissing McBain!

JPink said...

Interesting concept to have everyone act morally and with scruples, but that would be a lot less like a soap opera and a lot more like a snooze fest. I'll take twisted and messy any day.

Avalonn said...

I watched Port Charles when it was on and the best of that show was Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco. Pairing them on GH would be the right thing to do. The chemistry they have beats JaSam and Liason any day!

LindyCFF said...

LOVED the Todd and Carly scenes in today’s show. Todd is too funny and I love that he is protective of Carly and that he called Carly his friend and warned Johnny not to hurt his daughter or Carly.

love2chat402000 said...

Sam even asked John if things were going to change when he went home to natalie. Talk about fishing to find out if John would say he is interested now in sam or that the kiss changed everything, Ha. No matter if Jasam is written back together , it won't change the fact that Sam is interested in John. Jason will remember this.

Cosmoetica said...

Andrea said...

Anyone who is moraly opposed to watching cheating of any kind never was a soap fan, no one who has watched GH for years came to that realization today.


Exactly. A soap is fiction, and it is unrealistic that a nurse like Liz, as example, would fall for a mass murder who does it for $.

Most of the reasons someone does not like something are just that: likes, not valid reasons. Now its McBam vs. Jasam. A few weeks ago it was OLTL invasion. Seriously, soaps and all melodrams depend on the Lowest Common Denominator, characters doing the Dumbest Possible Action.

As example, how could Anna NOT look in the shed nor hear Luke's sounds when there was a broken window? Ridiculous. But it's a soap.

Sonny, as example, was brought on as a mobster who opposed violence and drug dealing, yet he could NEVER be in business w/o both. We have to infer, offscreen, that he does both. Well, we have actually seen him order hits and attempt murder, and we have to reason that selling coffee is not illegal, thus they must traffic in drugs.

Compare this to 2011: The Balkan tale was a mess, despite some great acting by Theo Hoffman's portrayer, Brenda was all wrong, Luke's intervention had potential that was scrapped, and Lucky and Ethan were wasted.

Now we have Heather as a classic soap villainess, Anna slowly rounding into form, despite yesterday's lapse, and hopefully Sonny and Jason being knocked from their perch atop the soap world, McBain and Todd becoming 2 potential leading men to carry on the show, and writing that, while still short of the 1980s Golden Age, is good and improving.

Realize that we are just 6 mos. into a new regime, and prob 75% of the way to a really good daily watch. May it fail> Sure, but stop the griping because Todd cut his toenails one day, or Jason's heart fluttered with a thought of Sonny in tighty-whities.

Give GH a break!

My2Cents2 said...

Back when soaps started, in life people had morales and repect. So to watch a show like GH was different and fun.

Society has lost its morales and respect, and oh what a pleasure it would be to turn on a soap and see how life use to be.

Perhaps alot of you don't remember back then?? lol

MatchboxGinny said...

Loved yesterday's ep! Soapy goodness at it's best! Yay!

mosbp said...

Ban soaps for the characters not respecting marriage? All soaps would have been off the air long ago. And please, if I stopped watching everytime one of favorite couples was torn apart, I wouldn't have seen a soap in 30 years! This is a soap people! Yes, we can debate this couple vs. that couple, or like a character or hate a character, or love to hate a character, but some people just take this way too seriously!

Now Sam is going to get all high and mighty about Liason's kiss...somebody needs to remind Sam that both times he has turned away from her, and to Liz, have been because he witnessed her with somebody else first. And I am not defending Jason, I am just saying that Sam has no grounds to stand on either. In other words, it is all just good soapyness!

Truthseeker said...

It feels wrong to complain about GH when it is a thousand times better than it was just 3 months ago but the amount of flashbacks on the show are really annoying. I mean we get a flashback to the kiss about 2 minutes after they show it? Does it really need to be reshown so we get the idea that it's on his mind? Plus, and this is a picky detail, I hate how the flashback showed the front of Sam/John but Jason could only see them from behind and it was clear we were supposed to be seeing what Jason was seeing in his head. I know, it's picky.

But seriously, the amount of flashbacks on this show is really annoying.