Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Hills Finale--Inspired Last Shot

Holy moly... not for nothin' but the END shot of The Hills was BRILLIANT!! Did you see it??
I don't want to tell you, but I'm sure it will be on You Tube by later tonight. Brody Jenner will forever be in POP icon history because of it! LOL...Adam did a fabu job. Also,  Perez Hilton twitpic'ked a shot of stupid SPENCER Pratt in "disguise" to crash the red carpet.

The aftershow was pretty fun...liked the montage. Audrina supposedly has her own show coming. Which is like giving airtime to...er....air.  She and Justin Bobby...VAPID. But hell, Mr. Bobby is certainly welcome to give me a bike ride. heh. DID I say that?? :fluttering eyelashes: AND YES! There is a GH element to this: Franco did Justin Bobby for Funny or Die. (and it is hilarious)

I then watched Kathy Griffin..she's adorable. I swear, I love her so much. She's our generation's Joan Rivers.  Only better looking. Heh. Next week is a Pap Smear? eek.

Well, I also watched a bit of America's Got Talent with my son. I liked the Air Guitar guys and those little kids, "Future Funk". Darling.
That's it for a little Wubber Prime Time. xxoo


tanikaray24 said...

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kdmask said...

SO my one comment on this is from a BOT? lol...
;/ SPENCER PRATT!!! :shaking fists:

GHfan94 said...

The Hills ending just proved what we all knew...it was FAKE! I'm just glad they had the guts to SHOW it to the dimwitted/oblivious viewers out there...no offence. LOL =P