Sunday, November 25, 2018

Travel Guide To Port Charles

Why haven't I seen this before?? What an absolutely great gift for any GH Fan!! Written by "Lucy Coe" it's a book set up just like a Fodor's Guide but all about our fave city--Port Charles, NY! Filled with photos and witty fun, there are gems such as "What to See and What To Do" (including Floyd Field and Spoon Island) and "Family Secrets Tour"!  There's a section on Frisco and Felicia's fave haunts as well as Luke and Laura, Sonny and Carly and the Quartermaines. The footnotes and on every page are hysterical. I wish it came with a full map because every address you can think of is given. 

The back has a diary by Alan Quartermaine and a bunch of fun quizzes to take.  It will makde a great holiday gift for anyone on your GH List, even yourself.!

There are some strange photos that were chosen, but I suspect they'll be corrected by the next printing. Since we hardly ever have any new fun merch in soaps, this is a MUST HAVE. It would be fun to get a copy and take it to events and have the cast sign them as well. 

It's under $15 bucks too--! There's a handy quick link to the right!  I'm hoping ABC promotes this soon-- it's too good to miss. 


  1. Wow! I never knew about this! I want it! Too bad it’s not free!!!!

  2. I definitely have to get this..... Thanks for the tip.