Billy Miller is confirmed as coming to GH by Ron/Frank (9/2)

Helena will appear on GH sooner rather than later 

Tony Geary is out with back surgery... he will be back around October. "Fluke" will be seen in a series of phone calls this summer.

Just like the banners of old! 
UPDATED: Sept 13th
Stavros tells Lulu to get PG with the embryo--or else! Franco is having a birthday! 

**Franco's birthday brings memories of---Jason??!
**Kiki gives Silas some info
**Maxie finds something she wishes she hadn't 
**Will Sabrina secretly sabotage Ava's well being via a prescription? 
**More revelations about Levi/Peter come to light
**Robin tries to help Jason escape
**Levi and Nathan--can't end well
**Anna's on her way to get the truth
**Sam and Patrick get--closer
**Guns blazing
**The clinic erupts in panic and danger!

**A nameless..possibly faceless man is found...Liz comforts him. Can you guess who?
**Sam decides to get the goods on Fluke
**Morgan and Kiki trade secrets 
**Anna finds out a stunning truth
**Fluke calls Julian with news and an another plan
**Ava wants to get away but how far can she run? 
Dr. O may regret telling Victor her secret
Look for more clinic scenes (including Robin)
Patrick and Sam tell Liz and Alexis about the clinic
Sabrina is sure it was Ava behind her accident and she's out for revenge
Sonny is content (for now) to watch things unfold with Franco/Carly
Tracy grows increasingly worried about Luke
Franco gives the tape to Ava
Anna wants to find out who's the head of WSB
Levi becomes more dangerous
Nina wants that baby! 
Rumor has it that when Jason first appears, his face will be a mess--accident? 
Helena and Robin face off

Ava has a new plan  
So will Scotty FINALLY decide? Lucy or Bobby?

Will Fluke learn of Lulu's kidnapping?
Franco realizes he's been duped. 
Carly needs to remember that Franco knows a giant secret...
Unfrozen Cassadines all over the place!
Chaos at the Clinic is coming!! 
Nina realizes she may be able to use Franco to her advantage
Silas gets suspicious of Nina but she has more tricks up her sleeve
Carly wants to find out who's Ava's baby Daddy 

RUMORS of newbies Cassadine, Anna Donnelly and Lucy's daughter persist!!