**REPEAT Episode on Thanksgiving and No GH on Friday due to Football Jason Thompson, who plays Patrick, will be leaving GH 
BOTH Kim McCollough and Tristan Rogers will be back to GH. Robin will appear in about 3 weeks, Robert in December. 
Brandon Barash is due back in December as well! 

UPDATED:  November  25th 

**Lulu reels from the Dante's latest betrayal, goes to Dillon
**Mac Daddy will be on again!! 
**Hayden searches for her shooter
**Sam sets up a Jake/Danny playdate
**Anna gets into the holiday spirit
**Dr. Maddox pays another visit to Morgan
**Paul makes Sonny a "Promise"
**Kristina is hiding something about college
**Kiki keeps her job at the Metro
**Robert is back for holiday cameo
**Carols makes it clear he won't leave Sabrina and his baby behind
**Someone else sights Carlos
**Ava learns more of Paul's dirty dealings
**Nutcracker Gala comes to Port Charles 
Nina and Maxie plot to make the print Crimson great again
Hayden is the perfect mole for Tracy
Anna realizes she's between a rock and a hard place, she will go back to Dr. Maddox
Epiphany encourages Sonny to do his PT exercises
Dillon has high hopes after he and Lulu's romp, but she's distant and cold
Speaking of Sonny, you'd better bet he's not done with Ava yet
Jason seeks answers and memories
Maxie and Nina get busy at the "New" Crimson and Maxie runs the show
Paul makes a demand of Anna
Maxie stays in Dillon's movie 
Paul and Ava: Power couple to rival Carly and Sonny?
Anna continues to catch glimpses of Carlos..is he dead or alive? 
Kiki makes a drunk spectacle of herself --again 
Despite therapy, Sonny realizes he may not walk again, will it send him into a deep depression? 
Brad seeks Alexis' help