Billy Miller is confirmed as coming to GH by Ron/Frank (9/2)

Stavros is back, RKK is taping! Maybe another Cassadine as well? 

Tony Geary is out with back surgery... he will be back around October. "Fluke" will be seen in a series of phone calls this summer.

UPDATED: August 29 
Victor's back, there's a mystery man coming to town and Franco turns on Carly

**Sabrina keeps digging on the accident, she thinks Ava might be behind it
**Kiki finds out about Sonny and Carly
**Franco gives the tape to Ava
**Victor's back
**Sam finds out about Patrick's revelation in the clinic
**Franco tries to bond with Josslyn
**Spencer and Joss try to break up Emma and Cam
**Anna wants to find out who's the head of WSB
**Levi becomes more dangerous
**Nina wants that baby! 
**Sonny keeps trying to convince Carly he's the one and Franco is not
Rumor has it that when Jason first appears, his face will be a mess--accident? 
Helena and Robin face off

Ava has a new plan 
Dr. O doesn't want Victor to know about Nathan 
So will Scotty FINALLY decide? Lucy or Bobby?
Britt gives Nina some news about her ovaries 
Will Fluke learn of Lulu's kidnapping?
Franco realizes he's been duped. 
Carly needs to remember that Franco knows a giant secret...
Will Ned and Olivia take that next step?
Unfrozen Cassadines all over the place!
The Liz, Britt Nikolas triangle gets messy, he has to decide!
Franco's green monster gets bigger
Sam investigates Rafe's connection to the accident

Stavros is back! 

Rumor has it that Levi is someone's son
Chaos at the Clinic is coming!! 

Ava never looks a gift horse in the mouth
Nikolas thinks Britt should stay at Wyndemere
Molly remembers more about her accident and Rafe's confession
Nina realizes she may be able to use Franco to her advantage
A frozen body may turn up somewhere
Silas gets suspicious of Nina but she has more tricks up her sleeve
Carly wants to find out who's Ava's baby Daddy 
More Jordan and Shawn to heat up your screen

Michael gets legal troubles dealing with the waterfront project 

Nina shows Silas her ability to 'stand and maybe walk' It's a miracle!

RUMORS of newbies Cassadine, Anna Donnelly and Lucy's daughter persist!!