Some new characters may pop up...but mostly just fillers. 
The BIG RUMOR? Robin's back, and Hells put the Lante embryo inside her! 

UPDATED:  December 14

Have your self a merry little Christmas ....

Sam tries to gather info on Jake, and he starts to wonder what's up himself
Pentonville starts to get crowded, Julian joins the ranks
Could Johnny be used for good, not bad?
Liz is mad at Sam and thinks she's crazy for thinking Jake had anything to do with the shooting
Fluke continues to weave his web. and Helena? She's poised to strike!
Ric is actually lurking--did he shoot the PC footage?
Jake thinks that moving out of Liz' is a good idea
Carly continues to struggle with her wub of Sonny
Paternity tests reveal--who's the Daddy? Morgan may have his hands full
Michael decides whether or not to hire Fluke
Anna might not have to worry about her job, she may have to worry about charges!
Maxie finds out her fate with Georgie, can she and Nate Date?
Rumor has it Spinelli visits
Rosalie is related to at least one Port Charles resident
Santa visits GH 
Fluke gets closer to his endgame
Will we ever learn if Felicia got to be mayor? 
Lucy and Scotty may have another chance
Jordan has another secret from Shawn besides her being DEA
Jake has a flashback or two
Michael turns darker as he focus' on the Q Empire
Look once, look twice... and then, make sure it's a mirror to reverse
Duke sits in Sonny's chair
Molly finds out the truth about Ric from her mother, which makes her hate Julian all the more
Ric is back
Madeline has the goods on Lesil and decides to blackmail her
A visit with baby Georgie and Spinelli on the horizon? 
Nikolas is also playing Santa this year!