Finola Hughes is leaving for about 3 months to do a project with Ian Buchanan
Genie Francis will be back soon, June 5th
Dillion Quartermaine is recast 
RUMOR has it: Both Lucky and Ethan return to see Luke off (Daytime Confidential) 

UPDATED:  May 29th

**Ava's plan goes perfectly, thanks to a change in her DNA due to marrow transplant
**Ava/Flava flashbacks?  We will see how Silas covered her tracks
**Silas gets blackmailed
**Brad hesitates to tell his family about the wedding 
**Luke visits Anna
**Nikolas has a new mission for Rosie
**Jordan gets a job offer from the Mayor --commish? 

**Valerie's job leads her closer to Dante, and the PCPD 
**Quartermaine party gets interesting 
**Rosalie may be Michael's key to saving ELQ
**Donna Mills returns and is working with RIC/Nik  for Nina's money
**Brad's family might roadblock the wedding
**Sonny meets 'Denise'...does a triple-take
**TJ finds out Shawn's his daddy
**Franco works at chipping away at Nina and Ric's marriage
**Laura's back 

Where does Jordan go from here? Getting a job for one
There's a wedding to be planned!
We finally find out why Ric and Nina married; there's a 'plan' involved
Liz struggles with the truth and her lies
Olivia puts phase 2 of her plans in motion

Will Sabrina realize what her words cost Carlos?
Someone has to leave PC
Sonny has to take over his organization again
A wedding brings more danger
Ava awakes to find Silas tricked her
Spencer tries to turn over a new leaf 
Ava can't believe her eyes
Sabrina and Michael start having feelings for each other

Valerie and Dante get closer 

A death, a life and a wife....

The ELQ shares that Ned gives up will come back to haunt everyone

Rosie is threatened to have her secret exposed