Rebecca Buding (Greenlee AMC) is coming to GH as a new unnamed character.
Michael Easton re-signed his contract
Looks like Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) will be staying awhile 

UPDATED:  March 5th 

**Spinelli and Jake have an encounter. Will Spinelli's senses tingle?
**Spinelli also tracks Patricia Spencer
**Michael gives Sabrina a job 
**Julian wants someone dead.  Shocker.
**Shawn still doesn't trust Jordan
**Ava's plan goes way wrong
**Cameron realizes he may have started the fire
Monica's boyfriend? May help Michael gain custody of Little Avery 
Will Ric help Sonny?
Jake will get off his charges
Ava possibly lurks at her own funeralAlexis smells something fishy with Ned's story
What is Silas hiding? Hint: It's blonde
Nathan lays it on the line for Maxie 

Seems like Nina might get partially off the hook
Maxie struggles with her two paramores 
Spinelli will look into Luke's childhood and actions in the recent years
Ric is more involved with the bad things than we first thought
Spinelli starts to suspect Jake is really Jason
A truth starts to dawn on Julian regarding Olivia
Luke and Bobbie's childhood is about to be majorly explored and seen in flashbacks.  
Kiki and Morgan have an interesting path ahead
The clinic's opening wil have it's bumps...big or small?
Jordan puts herself in harm's way with no safety net! 
Rosie is threatened to have her secret exposed 

Rosalie is related to at least one Port Charles resident
Jordan has another secret from Shawn besides her being DEA
Look once, look twice... and then, make sure it's a mirror to reverse