Nurses Ball will begin May 1st
GH is going LIVE on May 15th and 18th
Wally Kurth is OUT...signed with Days 

UPDATED:  April 22nd

**RUMORS: Serena is the one back for the Nurses' Ball and possibly Brenda puts in an appearance. 
**Ric proposes to Liz
**Carly "outs Ric" at the Nurses Ball
**Sabrina and Michael start having feelings for each other
**Valerie moves into Wyndemere
**Morgan and Kiki get a huge surprise from Silas
**Duke gets Darker and Darker
**Olivia's health may be at risk
**emotional and scientific chemistry can not be denied 
Valerie and Dante get closer 
Ava awakes to find her Silas tricked her. 
The wedding ring is found, but makes little difference in the Jake puzzle
Avery may be 'found' but with something different about her
Hayden and Nikolas can't seem to stay away from each other
Lucy runs into snags while getting ready for the Ball (as usual)
A death, a life and a wife....
Avery was the key all along. 
Dante and Valerie find themselves with much in common
The ELQ shares that Ned gives up will come back to haunt everyone
Carly realizes Ric is behind the Hayden ruse
The mob war will heat up and cause a mess around the Nurses' Ball

Will there be a new boarder at Wyndemere? 

Ric thinks he has Liz right where he wants her...until...
Sabrina starts to figure out that Kiki may be involved with the Avery situation/Michael
Carly knows Hayden is up to no good

Sabrina doesn't trust Rosie

Sloane realizes who Jordan really is. 

Anna's decision regarding Duke leaves her conflicted

Nurses' Ball planning starts 
Ava has one last request 

Carlos is a man with nothing to lose

Julian wants someone dead.  Shocker.
Maxie struggles with her two paramores 

Ric is more involved with the bad things than we first thought

Rosie is threatened to have her secret exposed 
Jordan has another secret from Shawn besides her being DEA