Theresa Castillo (Sabrina) is pregnant in real life according to SOD. Will there be a new Quartermaine coming?
Bradford Anderson is back in October (tapes Sept 28th)

UPDATED:  Oct. 3rd 

**Sabrina will tell Michael she's pregnant and wants him out of the mob (ahaha)
**Jake gets suspicious of Liz
**Hayden hears Nikolas and Laura talking and realizes he had her shot
**Kiki's drinking concerns Franco and Ava
**Carly is determined to get Avery back
**Spinelli is back and Sam wants him to help with an investigation
**Morgan wants a place in the organization too
**Now that the wedding didn't happen, where is baby Avery ending up? 
**Dillon and Maxie get into their movie roles...and he spills his feelings
**Franco and Kiki hug it out
**Valerie and Dillon tell each other their love woes
**Laura's back (Oct. 2nd)
**Sabrina confides her fears about Michael's involvement with crime to Felix
**Nathan thinks Valerie might be PG
**Hayden hears something that makes her think twice
**Paul ponders the idea of framing Anna for Sloane's murder
**Sam and Jake become a bit closer 
**We may be getting some back-story on Nina 
Anna and Sam are PIs together
When Spinelli comes back word is it's for awhile
Jake is dazed/confused as some memories flood in
Paul has other surprises up his sleeve
Michael promises Carly he won't run things but he can't keep that promise
Nina and Franco make a pact
Will Julian get sucked back into the mob again?
Nikolas has a warning for Ava 

Paul and Lomax...business to discuss and Tracy's jealous 
After Sonny visits with Jake, he's confused but Liz assures him that wasn't Jason
Sam remembers her anniversary with Jason but has to decide what to say to Patrick (I think it's yes!) 
Julian is touched by Alexis' loyalty
Maxie decides to do some background work so she can act better in Dillon's movie
Ava confronts Carly over Avery
Sonny will take a while to rehab...and Michael will have to step up
Look for Carlos Clues
Sloane is killed 
As Liz and Jake's wedding gets closer, so does the danger of the truth being known. 
Valerie is pregnant
So is Sabrina
Morgan gets angry and out of control
Spinelli's back for a visit
Dante feels trapped
Bobbie notices what Valerie is trying to hide (wink)
More talk about Morgan's bipolar issues

Will Nikolas make good on his agreement?
Jake's memories come flooding back, Liz tries to deny, Sam encourages
Meanwhile, Hayden's memories are also on the move
Julian is NOT behind the mob attacks
Spinelli is back for a visit..how brief this time?
Dante thinks he should confess to Lulu but..nope.
The movie continues to serge ahead... will Lulu be jealous of Maxie's leading role?
Do bodies ever stay buried?
Dr. O tries to win back Franco's friendship
Sabrina and Michael make a move-in 
Lulu and Dillon start to blur movie and reality 
Hayden and Nikolas can't keep their hormones bottled for long! 

Anna's in deep danger and she doesn't even realize it
Anna's back in Port Charles ...has she shed her Carlos' ghosting?
Can Morgan be suffering from bipolar disorder like his father? 
Morgan's behavior becomes more erratic
Brad runs into his adoptive mother
RUMOR Has it Patrick proposes to Sam-TRUE!