Theresa Castillo (Sabrina) is pregnant in real life according to SOD. Will there be a new Quartermaine coming? 
RUMOR PATROL: go to Daytime Confidential for a rumor that Michael Easton is out at GH. If they put it up, it's probably true! 

UPDATED:  July 27th

**Murder mystery kicks off the end of summer blitz. Rumor has it Silas bites the dust
**DenAva pushes her 'relationship' with Franco in Nina's face
**DenAva and Morgan get caught
**Laura visits Liz and tells her she knows the secret!
**Jordan gets into the baby Avery abduction and who was responsible
**Nathan suspects Ric is driving his sister crazy
**Sonny's ambushed again and he calls the "5 Families" for a meeting
**Scotty is curious about the ELQ takeover and wonders of it was legal
**Jake and Monica run into each other again
**Mobular tensions heat up
**Lucas and Brad remain broken up. Felix tries to mend fences
**Morgan tells Sonny he slept with DenAva 

**Hayden wakes up
Patrick wonders what is up between Jake and Sam
Jordan is worried about Valerie 
Bobbie and Luke scenes are coming up
Lucas is thrown for a loop; Brad literally can't get married 
Luke walks off the docks into his future...
Laura goes by Liz' house, will she spill the truth? (don't count on it)

Who will save Nina from Ric's plan? It may surprise you
Sabrina and Michael work closely on the clinic
Hayden's awakening might change everything
Tracy dives into saving her families company 
Franco is wondering who Ava is sleeping with, but not for long
Jake and Sam figure out that Hayden had another connection to Nikolas

Kiki gets a clue that Morgan has been fooling around

Michael plans on getting ELQ back
Brad and Lucas try to move forward with their wedding but something's in the way. Brad's family