UPDATED:  February 5th

**Kristina's lover comes back to town
**Nikolas gets curious over the "Rachel" comment
**Because her house blew up, Liz needs a place to live. Wyndemere?
**Dr. Griffin will consult on Jake's case
**Speaking of Dr. Griffin, he may be someone's brother (rumor: Stone?) 
**Morgan spirals out of control. Again
**Jordan gives Valerie some advice about Curtis 
**Michael wants to go to Puerto Rico
**The Reading of Helena's Will!! 
**Liz talks to Franco about Jake's confession
**Ava gives Julian and Alexis their wedding present. It might be...interesting
**They may get married, but Julian is in a whole lotta trouble real fast
**Sonny starts working with Sonny and realizes he can walk better than he's saying
**SURPRISE is set for Julexis wedding..who shows up? 
**Lulu, Rocco, Maxie and Nathan all live together. 
**Paul's daughter? Anna wants to find out about this!
**Liz realizes just how bad Jake's emotional state has been 
**Sam has multiple problems after her fall/fire situation
**Anna flirts with a clueless Paul
**Jake may be involved with care at Shriner's Hospital 
Ava will hire a lawyer
Boob Gate gets even bigger press with Nina involved 
Diane shows up...but who's she representing?
Sonny's progress gets better but he keeps mum
Kristina tries to keep a lid on her affair with Parker