New contract player: Chloe Lainer who played young Pat during the Luke arc is coming to GH shortly to play Nelle. 

Kirsten Storms (Maxie) will be back in her role starting August 3rd 

UPDATED:  July 23rd

**Sonny is NOT Happy no one told him about who Parker really is
**Julian plans an escape but doesn't make it 
**Valerie feels she's on the hot trail of a killer
**Jordan and Curtis make the love
**Who's bones lie within the Catacombs? 
**A new woman shocks the 'guests' on the Island 
**Lante, Kevin and Laura head to Cassadine Island
**Alexis is not happy about Parker and Krissy, she confronts the professor
**Jax comes to Port Charles, did he black market Joss' kidney find? 
**Claudette has a gift for Maxie 
**Griffin is there for a shoulder to cry on 
**What information about Jeff Webber does Heather hold? 
**Coming: Morgan wants to marry Kiki 
**All hell breaks loose in Greece 
**A Woman will show up on Cassadine Island, with secrets and...a child? 
Cassadine Island--here we come!! 
Kiki continues to see Morgan but is it out of love or guilt? 
Just when Maxie thinks everything is going well...
Nina wants to move on, but she does so too fast
A clue is discovered in the hospital murder case