Tony Geary appears to be on vacation. *sigh
Rebecca Buding (Greenlee AMC) is coming to GH as a new unnamed character.
Michael Easton re-signed his contract
Looks like Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) will be staying awhile 

APRIL 1st-- Go back in time with these characters as they play Staff from GH Past. Also flashbacks start on the Fluke/Luke story. 

UPDATED:  March 25th

**Franco uses Olivia's secret to his advantage
**Jake has a few more flashbacks
**Speaking of Flashbacks, Luke's past will be exposed
**Cameron asks Ric for help
**Sabrina doesn't trust Rosie
**A tip to Child Protective services is placed
**Tracy won't give up
**Sloane realizes who Jordan really is. 
**Look for more of Valerie Spencer
**Ric realizes he may have to provide more proof for Hayden to be believed
Anna's decision regarding Duke leaves her conflicted
The past will snake out from under a crawl space and explain a lot of the present
Olivia realizes she might not get away with her ruse
Carly has to convince Sonny Jake is not a threat
Spencer continues to want Cameron arrested
Ned and Michael realize the Cassadine threat is real
Patrick and Danny bond a bit 
Nurses' Ball planning starts 
Ava has one last request 
A ruse is set in motion regarding Jake--his past? is Fake! 
A new woman hits town to throw a wrench in everything (Becky Budding)
Jordan might need to come clean
Spinelli decides to give Maxie some reminders of their past 
Sam continues to investigate Jake
Carlos is a man with nothing to lose
Lucy Coe makes an appearance
Liz and Jake get romantic, but she has no clue about his undercover work
Spinelli also tracks Patricia Spencer
Julian wants someone dead.  Shocker.
Cameron realizes he may have started the fire
Seems like Nina might get partially off the hook
Maxie struggles with her two paramores 
Spinelli will look into Luke's childhood and actions in the recent years
Ric is more involved with the bad things than we first thought
Spinelli starts to suspect Jake is really Jason
A truth starts to dawn on Julian regarding Olivia
Luke and Bobbie's childhood is about to be majorly explored and seen in flashbacks.  
Kiki and Morgan have an interesting path ahead
Jordan puts herself in harm's way with no safety net! 
Rosie is threatened to have her secret exposed 
Jordan has another secret from Shawn besides her being DEA