Tony Geary is out with back surgery... he will be back around October. "Fluke" will be scene in a series of phone calls this summer.

RUMOR HAS IT: Billy Miller will be the NuJason. Kim McCollough will return as Robin for a short stint this summer. She'll have scenes with Patrick. 

UPDATED: JULY 22, 2014 
Alice gets a heart, Expect an Explosion and Spencer stays "Missing"

**Julian demands to know who set off the explosion
**Patrick and Sam investigate Nina and he finds a big surprise...
**Levi advances his plans
**Nina gives Nathan advice about Maxie
**Lucy doesn't know where to turn
**Jordan's cover? Blown
**Mr. Diamond? We hardly knew ye
**Ava switches sides again
**Kiki and Morgan are in an interesting situation 
**Michael gets legal troubles dealing with the waterfront project 
**Victor is back
**Did Rafe get 'turned into' a junkie? 
**Sam thinks Silas and she are over
**Nina shows Silas her ability to 'stand and maybe walk' It's a miracle!
**The fallout from the Rafe operation hits GH
**Franco offers more advice to Nina
RUMORS of newbies Cassadine, Anna Donnelly and Lucy's daughter persist!!