TONY Geary's Last AIR-DATE is July 27th. Genie will be staying on into the fall 

UPDATED:  July 4th 

**Lulu tells Dante what she's been up to-- will Dante tell her what HE's been 'up to'? 
**Franco and Ava team up
**Jake and Sam figure out that Hayden had another connection to Nikolas
**JOSSLYN (yeah!) gets a check up. 
**Lucky goes to Elizabeth's house
**Sam questions Nikolas about Hayden
**Valerie confides her tryst with Dante to Jordan
**Elizabeth thinks of Jake when she sees Josslyn 
Luke finds out a 'miracle secret' from Lucky. Life-changing for many
Hayden is waking up. 
The 4th of July fireworks begin! 
Dillon's father and Tracy's ex Paul shows up
Morgan and Denava sleep together, they just can't help it
Holly shoots someone
The end of the "game" has someone alive!
Liz worries about Lucky
Denise" goes to visit Avery at Sonny's. She feels like she's in a corner with no way out
Kiki gets a clue that Morgan has been fooling around
Jake quits ELQ Security
Michael plans on getting ELQ back
Helena will pop up
Brad and Lucas try to move forward with their wedding but something's in the way. Brad's family
Ava hatches a PLAN.