There is a rumor going around that GH is casting a bunch of teens. We'll see! 
There's a 60-65 year old white woman coming--Hayden's Mama?
And..."Aaron" will be involved with the Corinthos Family (Krissy)
And....New nurse "Amy" will take after her namesake as a gossipy nurse at the station!

UPDATED:  April 30th

**Jordan is still jealous of Anna
**Julian decides he needs an alibi
**Finn and Carly team up to find Joss's kidney trail
**Jason tells Sonny to take a hike

**Griffin and Anna memorialize Duke's death
**Mac tries to get answers out of Griffin
**Franco gives Nina something that unnerves her

**The FBI questions Hayden about her Father's hidden millions and her part in the scheme
**Liz takes Franco's side and enrages Jason
**A new nurse comes to town (Amy)
**Finn gets news about Josslyn's blood work, and it's not good
**Carlos gives Paul a threat, tied in a bow
**Lulu and Dante move on with the next chapter of their lives 
RUMOR HAS IT: TWO of Helena's items will lead straight back to: Lucky 
Elizabeth will get the shock of a lifetime

Julian's playing with fire and has to keep it from two women. One his wife, the other his baby mama
Seems as though our Griffin was really a priest long ago but did Nathan shoot him?
Look for Liz and Franco as a go-go
Kristina meets a new guy (newcomer "Aaron") and she'll see if she likes the boys or the girls; or both!
Anna's jail time reaches a baffling end
Maxie thinks Sam's PI Skills can help her find out more about Claudette
Ned would like to rekindle with Olivia but isn't happy Jules is involved in her life 
Kevin helps Laura crack that code 
Will Tracy be content to let Michael run ELQ?
We find out that Julian was never "really" out of the mob
Ned and Olivia ? how will she feel about him being back in town? 
When will Kristina confide the truth of her relationship to Parker to Sonny? 
Ned doesn't believe his Mother has changed
Parker can't forget Kristina
Laura's key takes her in a surprising direction

The bird continues to haunt Ava

Ned will stay for awhile

The scar Griffin has is a big part of his past