For now--- no news. Other than Faison's coming back-- and then the threads come together one by one by one.  Robin will be involved too. 
Tony Geary is supposed to start taping again in early November

UPDATED:  October 22nd

The Haunted Star gets ready for yet another Frightful Night in Port Charles!  

**Michael tells Sonny he's sure Ava killed AJ
**Dante and Anna work on the AJ puzzle themselves
**Sam gets news about Danny's health
**The wedding will of course, have bullets flying
**Lucas thinks about revisiting his medical career
**Liz will invite Jake to stay with her
**Sonny realizes Morgan knows the truth
**Carly gets ready for her wedding, and feelings conflict
**Julian leaves town
**Jake's memory starts having cracks open
**Duke realizes his fake alibi for Sonny may be at risk
**Lord Ashton, Tracy's Ex and Ned's father may have a key Tracy needs
**What happened to Faison? It may surprise many!
**Jake takes an interest in little Danny's plight
Nina spills Rosie's secret
Sonny isn't so sure about the Heather Idea. 
Connie--Connie--Connie booooooooooo 
Jerry Jacks connections go beyond what we think
Tracy risks it all to find Luke
Sam and Patrick move forward slowly--but surely
Nate is in turmoil over his family situation and Maxie wants to help. Can she?
Halloween comes early for the kids (Oct. 28th) "Beggar's Night" 
Scott and Bobbie celebrate their kids' upcoming wedding
Dante assumes that "Jake" is in the witness protection program
Olivia's Visions are back... and boy are they graphic
The Wedding of the Century--you know it's going to be a wild ride!
Tracy's Ex Lord Ashton is back
Franco can't wait to get his revenge on Wedding Day
Carly has to convince her mother she really does want to marry Franco 
Tracy throws caution to the wind when it comes to Fluke
Danny falls ill again--who could POSSIBLY help him? hmmm
Franco's out for revenge..in a long a painful way
As Carly plans her wedding, she's oblivious to Franco's true plans
Robin's story isn't over
Lulu gets more bad news
Connie flashbacks (Kelly Sullivan is taping again for a brief stint)