Valentine's Day Special: Guest Stars Melissa Peterman and Derek Theler from Baby Daddy to appear (Kelly Monaco cameo'd on that show awhile ago) 
Agent Sloane has been recast. 
Bradford Anderson will be back (not sure how long)

UPDATED:  January 25th

**Sam sees her missing dragon in an unlikely place.  Lucas gives it to Brad
**Grave is empty-- Sonny is convinced Fluke is Bill 
**Silas sees Ava
**Helena warns Nikolas not to go to the Haunted Star 
**Carly's suspicions of Jake multiply after the Dr. Collins 'meet' 
**Franco realizes that Heather has her hooks into Nina
**Helena has another assignment for Jake (sigh)
**Jordan realizes the Bill Eckert connection, tells Dante
**Dante confronts Fluke
*FLuke delights in his devilish plan for the yacht party. BOOM?
**Can everyone break out of prison in time?
**Ava wants in on the escape

Sonny's frustrated because he can't control things well enough from the inside
Luke wants to throw a shin-dig which is probably trouble
Dante gains access to the dreaded basement--is there anything to find? 
Aunt Ruby's name comes up (anniversary of her death)
Silas vists Ava, will he bring the baby?
Kiki and Morgan have an interesting path ahead
Jake stalks the Haunted Star's party
Canvas will shift a lot during Feb sweeps; comings/goings
Spinelli comes to town with baby Georgie, and not Ellie 
The clinic's opening wil have it's bumps...big or small?
Jordan puts herself in harm's way with no safety net! 
Rosie is threatened to have her secret exposed 
Anna finds many clues with Dante's help
Heather finds a kindred spirit in Nina
Franco decides to throw in to help bring down Fluke
Will Shawn find out Jordan is undercover?
The Haunted Star hosts a party
Franco finds out that Mama and Nina are pals 
Ava has disturbing dreams
The Rosalie story is about to take off--
Dante grows suspicious of Johnny's activities; both personal and 'professional'
A new lady in town stirs some hearts
Franco tries to get to Nina

There's about to be a wrench thrown into Maxie and Nathan's relationship
Nedly and Alexis are a couple BUT her feelings for Julian are still very strong.
Could Johnny be used for good, not bad?

Rosalie is related to at least one Port Charles resident

Jordan has another secret from Shawn besides her being DEA
Jake has a flashback or two
Michael turns darker as he focus' on the Q Empire
Look once, look twice... and then, make sure it's a mirror to reverse