Hayden's mother is coming. She's being played by Robin Riker (former BB actress) 

BREE WILLIAMSON IS COMING AS CLAUDETTE (Via Daytime Confidential) She played Jessica on OLTL

**"Temporary re-cast" for Tyler Christopher as he is in contract 'negotiations'
**Emergency re-cast for Kirsten Storms. 
Hit that Daytime Confidential link up there, they have all the details! 

UPDATED:  June 18th

**Crimson gets a package...but what?
**Griffin isn't sure he should give Maxie advice
**Michael shows off Baby Teddy to his Mom and Dad
**Diane vows to help Alexis
**Jason and Sam go to Nikolas' rescue
**Morgan isn't happy about Kiki and Dillon's new relationship
**Finn goes to the Quartermaines ...will he have to explain himself?
**Jax is back the end of July 
**Claudette is on July 1st
**Julian tries to manipulate Alexis 
**Nina still thinks about Franco..a lot! 
Will Liz and Franco's spying on Hayden lead to valuable information? 
Hayden's Mom has more than meets the eye
Diane has her own suspicions
Will Hammy fake his drug test? 
Morgan thinks about his life when he gets out of rehab
Michael and Sabrina try to repair their relationship
Will Olivia think the worst of Julian and Nina? 
Paul tries again with Anna
Maxie is not ready to forgive and forget
Claudette will make a big entrance 
Joss' Kidney Trail will lead to something big 
Kristina and Aaron find out they have a lot more in common
Dr. O finds out some dirt on Dr. Finn...the odds are in her favor
Krissy starts work at the Coffee Office 
Who's Aaron--really?