Hayden's mother is coming. She's being played by Robin Riker (former BB actress) 

BREE WILLIAMSON IS COMING AS CLAUDETTE (Via Daytime Confidential) She played Jessica on OLTL

UPDATED:  May The 26th

**Someone is coming back, and for longer than you think~!! announcement soon
**Annie Donnelly (not LOGAN, sorry), daughter of Sean and Tiff is coming to PC for the Nurses' Ball RUMOR
**Spencer is coming
**What's on the video tape? 
**Jason and Sam go on an adventure
**Dr. O finds out some dirt on Dr. Finn...the odds are in her favor
Franco is there for Liz after her 'humiliation'  at the Ball
Lucas gets hurt by being in the "wrong place at the wrong time"
Will Brad and Lucas tie the knot or does disaster hit first? 
Carly and Bobbie comfort each other as Bobbie has to make a terrible decision
Krissy starts work at the Coffee Office 
Who's Aaron--really? 
We find out Nurse Amy can sing

Finn and Carly team up to find Joss's kidney trail
RUMOR HAS IT: TWO of Helena's items will lead straight back to: Lucky 
Elizabeth will get the shock of a lifetime
Seems as though our Griffin was really a priest long ago but did Nathan shoot him?
Ned would like to rekindle with Olivia but isn't happy Jules is involved in her life 
Kevin helps Laura crack that code 
Will Tracy be content to let Michael run ELQ?
When will Kristina confide the truth of her relationship to Parker to Sonny? 
Ned doesn't believe his Mother has changed
Parker can't forget Kristina
Ned will stay for awhile
The scar Griffin has is a big part of his past