Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Roof

Lulu and Maxie . Lulu rips into Maxie for seeing Dante. (even tho she really wanted to).  Lulu says Maxie could have set Dante back a long way and now she'll never see him! 
Finn and Peter. Peter doesn't want Finn to all Anna. He doesn't want her motherly pity. Finn leaves. 

Lulu goes in to visit Peter. Why? I have no idea. I hope to punch him in the face. NOPE! she's glad he's all right and she knows it's not HIS fault, it's Maxie's. She leaves when Maxie comes in. Is crying in the hall and her Mother sees her and they hug.  She tells her Maxie was just trying to make her feel better. Maxie actually called her. Maxie comes out and Lulu looks at her.  They are going to make up. 

Drew and Curtis. Drew doesn't want to talk about Oscar or who drugged him on the HS. Then, Hayden comes in. She's the new CFO of the print division. Drew is NOT happy.  He wonders what she's up to. Remember she pretended to be his wife way back when... (Which I totally forgot about until Nina said it lol). 

Jax and Nina--more of the same blah blah.. Curtis says he'd better get into the Drew/Hayden discussion soon. Jax goes to the office of Drew.  Drew isn't happy. "Do you know she embezzled money from GH"??
"Yes I am " says Jax
Later we find out that Jax and Hayden are both in town to take down Valetin. 

Robert goes into Charlie's and sees Julian is running it. He says he remembers when he got Jules into the witness protection program and he immediately went back to his life of crime. Julian says now he has someone to stay on the straight and narrow for. (Kim) who walks in. Says she's sorry. I think about drugging Drew. She saw Dr. Massey today (off camera) and talked to her about the drugging. Too bad we didn't see it. 

Robert meets Finn and they talk about Peter. Ugh ..Finn can't tell Anna about Peter but Robert can.  Finn tells Robert not to tell Anna.  Robert realizes that Finn doesn't want Anna home because of Hayden. 

On the roof of GH...Sibley asks Ava for money, then says let's contact Kiki! They are sitting on boxes with Pier One bedspreads on them.  She's telling her she's going to be "channeling" not being a medium.  (Like Whoopi in Ghost lol)... Anyway, Kikii comes through in Sibley 'No mother, it's me". 'Kiki" tells Ava about the necklace that she gave Sibley and that she didn't wear it after she drugged Sasha. Ava says "everyone knows about that"-- then "Kiki says that Ava almost slapped her in Kelly's but she caught her hand" So Ava believes it's her. 
Kiki says she doesn't want to talk to her EVER AGAIN. 
Ava pleads for her to stay she says no..and 'leaves'. Ava thinks it's so Sibley can charge more money. Sibley says "oh Kiki's back" and wants to tell Avery she misses her. 

Ava says she wants to talk to someone else. I of course, think it's Morgan but it's NIKOLAS?? HUH???  Anyway, she can't 'find him on the other side"... so.. is he alive? 


  1. Haven't watched yet, but glad that SOMEONE will take down Valentin. He needs to pay for killing Nik and stealing his inheritance. After NuNina finds out that Sasha isn't her daughter, they should have folks on line waiting to take him down, including Spencer and Laura. And, it would be great if Nik is alive and comes back, but I only want the original.

    1. I would love for TC to come back as Nik but that last actor was pretty good.

    2. I didn't like the last actor as Nik. He would have been good as "Lord" Ashton but he seemed too British and his speech was too affected to be Nik. IMHO

    3. I'll take original Nik or the last actor, I'm not picky. I just want Nik! I'm also curious why Jax and Hayden want to bring down Valentin. Who are they working for? Nik? That would be awesome!

  2. There was speculation that Matt Borlenghi, who played Brian Bodine on All My Children years ago opposite Kelly Ripa, might have been brought on to play Valentin. Obviously that didn't happen. But if we can't get Tyler back as Nik, I would accept Matt Borlenghi. He's wonderful. Let's start a campaign!!!

  3. Karen I thought Morgan too!! Yes I bet Nik is alive!
    I kinda felt bad for Ava, I had hoped that Kiki would give Ava some good closure, not bitch closure. Oh well. Now Ava knows. Move on lady.
    I'm glad Maxie and Lulu made up, she meant well but went about it the wrong way.
    Robert and Finn were good together.
    So...Jax and Hayden are going to take down Val, not gonna happen. LOL!

    1. "Michelle P says Yes I bet Nik is alive!"

      Yeah when Sibley couldn't get ahold of Nik, I was thinking too that Nik is alive. :)

  4. The hospital:

    Maxie and Lulu:

    Maxie: It's really bad.


    Lulu: I had no idea it was THIS bad.

    Yes you did stupid!!! They are both to stupid to live!! I hate when they act this way!

    Lulu and Laura: Awwww great scene!!!! Oh and love that Lulu has old school eyeliner on! :)

    Hiney's room:

    Lulu and Hiney: Where is Carly? She should ask how Hiney is!!!! ROFL ROFL!

    Finchy and Hiney: So basically,

    Hiney: No don't tell mommy that I got shot almost daddy!!! Hippa! Remember that?!!?!

    Hospital roof:

    Sibley and Ava: Karen, the name Sibley, is making me think of that store Sibleys that used to be downtown!!! Remember Sibleys?! :) Anyway wow Sibley was taken over by Kiwi and it was a great scene!!! It just grabbed me and drew me in!!! :) Kiwi wins the line of the day.

    Kiwi: Are you THAT desperate for absolution, that you take the word of the man who murdered me?

    BAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA! Yes. :) Oh! Ava wants to connect with someone else! I thought at first it was going to be Morgan.. Nik?!!?!?! Why Nik? Yesterday when I said that Maxie wins the line of the day and week, and that nobody can beat her, I meant the overall week. :)

    Aurora offices:

    RayRay and Drew: Oh that's right. I almost forgot how they started.. Yeah I don't blame Drew for not trusting her.

    RayRay and Jax: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! They want to take down V.C.!!!! Deliciously soapy!! :) I am here for that!

    Crimson/Nina's office:

    Curtis and Nina: Hahahahahaha! Poor Curtis!! Nina wants in! :) This is gonna be fun.

    Curtis: What could possibly go wrong?

    ROFL! Indeed. :)

    Jax and Nina: I completely forgot that RayRay embezzled from the hospital!!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    CarlyKim and "Charlie" Oh good! I'm glad she had her first appointment with the therapist today!!! :) Glad he isn't going to break up with her.

    Robert and Julian: New bromance? :)

    Finchy and Robert: Robert is all giddy that RayRay is back! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    1. Sonya LOL!!! Almost daddy (Finchy and Hiney)
      But wait...why did anyone need to tell Carly? Sonny yes, but not big mouth don't stress her out Carly.
      Loved the raccoon eyes. Can we call Lulu 'con eyes now? Even though Maxie was an idiot her heart was in the right place, went about it wrong but now 'coon eyes knows and can move on with Brody(jk)...I mean Dustin. 😜😁

    2. "Sonya LOL!!! Almost daddy (Finchy and Hiney)"


      "But wait...why did anyone need to tell Carly? Sonny yes, but not big mouth don't stress her out Carly."

      You mean cus of what I said about Hiney being shot? I was joking.. Since they are a couple in real life. :)

      "Loved the raccoon eyes. Can we call Lulu 'con eyes now?"

      Racoon eyes!! Love it!!! :)

      'coon eyes knows and can move on with Brody(jk)...I mean Dustin. 😜😁"

      ROFL! Yes she should move on to Dustin! :)

    3. Hahaha! Almost daddy! That was a stitch! Yup, those blond girls are stupid. As is Hiney. Sad day when I'm rooting for the bullet!

    4. LOL!! Der...Sorry Sonya not on my game these days. Brain fart. Yes, Carly should know LOL!! 😂😂😂

    5. "Julie H Hahaha! Almost daddy! That was a stitch!"

      ROFL! Then when Anna and Finchy get married, Finchy can adopt Hiney!! :)

      "Sad day when I'm rooting for the bullet!"

      HAHAHAHHAHAHA! Go bullet! :)

      "Michelle P LOL!! Der...Sorry Sonya not on my game these days. Brain fart."

      Haha! Gotta love brain farts!!! :)

      "Yes, Carly should know LOL!! 😂😂😂"


  5. sonya said...Yes you did stupid!!! They are both to stupid to live!!

    *** OMG I'm laughing so loud at this.

    sonya said... Nik?!!?!?! Why Nik?

    *** so that she wouldn't be able to reach him and we'd all assume he isn't dead, of course. You may need to join Maxie and Lulu...hahahaha

    1. "OMG I'm laughing so loud at this."


      "so that she wouldn't be able to reach him and we'd all assume he isn't dead, of course."

      Hahaha. Yeah I figured. Very clever of the writers. :)

      "You may need to join Maxie and Lulu...hahahaha"


  6. Man, Kiki with her holier-than-thou self. Death couldn't keep her from being annoying smh

    1. I know right? And Sibley said Kiwi is still hurt.. ROFL! Still hurt? In heaven?! Yeah right! ROFL!

    2. You're assuming she's in heaven. No pain there...Flames, however, do cause pain. lol

    3. "Di says You're assuming she's in heaven. No pain there...Flames, however, do cause pain. lol"

      Hahahaha. Oh good point!!! She is in hell in pain!!! :)