Wednesday, July 17, 2019


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Corintho's House; THE MOSS IS BACK in the kitchen. DEvvvvvvvvvv asks about the compass and he and Joss argue about stuff. :sigh; Carly walks in. Joss apologizes to Dev for being  'wack job" when it comes to Oscar. He leaves to go fill out a W2 form. 
Carly and Joss have the EXACT same conversation about Dev that Carly and Jason have had at least 2x before. OMG. UGHH. EXACT.
When Sonny gets home they talk about Dev too. Yeah. :eyeroll: -- Carly wants him to go to boarding school but Sonny is like: no way. He has to 'learn about us and our family". 

CHARLIE'S BAR:  Sonny yells at Ava for giving a message to Avery from Kiki. "Now she wants Morgan to give her a message"!! He tells Ava to stop it or she'll "see what happens"... :eyeroll: Tells her to leave her psychic stuff away from Avery.  He leaves in a huff.  Goes back home. 

Cam shows Liz and Franco the car keys he got from Oscar.  He wants to keep it. They only have one car garage and Franco keeps his in the street where they have one permit. So, hes' thinking of the Quartermaine's house. They say he can keep it if he helps pay for upkeep. His license is suspended so he has to earn that back too.
Friz get their party photos. Franco feels sick. Maybe a cold coming on. While looking at the photos, he notices a leg in the background and thinks maybe someone was stalking Lesil. 

METRO COURT: Alexis and Willow are waiting For Diane and Brucas. Diane finally comes. Brucas shows up. Diane tells them all that Shiloh is in jail and she asked the judge to suspend all the family court stuff until the criminal case is done. Shiloh can't ask for any information on his 'son' until he's out either.  IF he's found innocent, he'd have to start all over from square one and petition the court. IF he's found guilty, he can't see his kid anyway. "Best possible outcome". 

Lucas wants to get Shiloh's medical records to make sure Wiley's DNA is ok and there's nothing in his genes that he may have. Brad is aghast lol 

GH : Brad has a needle ready to use on Dr. O and Nina walks in. He says he's just taking blood. Lucas comes in and says they have to go to the Metro Court.  Dr. O and Nina end up reading all about the DOD case and how Willow was in jail during the custody dispute. Nina realizes she may have tipped off Shiloh about Willow's baby and feels awful. 

THE PARK: (really, it's the real park)   Trina, Dev and Cam. Cam thinks he's late but he got his schedule mixed up. He can tell them about the car.  They tell him about the Niagara Falls road trip.  He says that they should have broken in.  Joss comes along. They talk about Dev after he leaves. Trina knows what Sonny does for a living. Thinks Dev might be bad news. 


  1. kd said... He says he's just taking blood

    *** You don't load a needle from a vial to take blood. He was going to inject her with something.

    I'm glad that Nina realized that her big mouth may have caused someone a world of grief.

    And I'm liking Trina even more after that scene in the park. She's on to Dev and his criminal ways (Sonny's too) and hopefully she'll keep cameron from getting to close to him.

    1. "You don't load a needle from a vial to take blood. He was going to inject her with something."

      Yeah.. :( He was so up to something!!!! :(

  2. I thought KIM was the one who told Shiloh about Wiley/Lucas/Julian, etc.??
    we all are weary of this storyline, people........and tired of Brad - let him go - keep Lucas here.....

    1. It was Kim who narrowed it down to Wiley but Nina was the one who mentioned Willow having a baby at the Nurses ball after eavesdropping on a conversation. I done and over Brad & the baby story. He's such a tool! I can't wait until all the people he's betrayed and lied to find out about it. And Julian isn't going to come out of it smelling like roses either.

  3. The baby story will never end. Brad is becoming a sociopath. It's time.
    The kids were nice in the park.
    And the moss balls back in the kitchen. There must be a story there.

  4. Looks like Billy is really leaving. 😭 I think I read July 26. If true I'm upset. Always liked him and his character.

  5. Carson home: Oh look! The tribbles have moved inside again! I guess the tanning session is over.

    Carly and Joss: Carly wins the line of the day.

    Carly: I don't know what robots you are used to hanging out with.


    Carly: Conflicting emotions are a part of life.

    Yeah conflicting emotions suck! Great scene between them!! I love how she tells Joss to say heck instead of hell hahahhaahaha!

    Carson: What? Boarding school? No no no no.. Glad Sonny didn't want him to.. Gee for a house that is supposed to be secure, that back door, is so silent!!! Sonny has got to fix that!! Carson didn't even hear when Turkey boy showed up!!!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Ava and Sonny: Yeah I am on Sonny's side on this one.. Ava you shouldn't of told your 4 year old daughter about Kiwi and the psychic lady.. That is going to confuse the hell out of her. Oh sorry Carly. Heck.

    Ava and Julian: Hmmmm. Julian wants Ava to go to therapy!!! Yeah now that he experienced CarlyKim losing it and going to therapy, of course he would want Ava to go! :) I think it's a good idea.

    Cam and Friz: LOVE THE SCENE!!! :) They both acted like serious adults. :) Cam is awesome. :) But when he was leaving, he didn't call BobTodd dad.. :( He did at the Friz party.

    Friz: They need a Friz baby!!! NOW!!! Oh look pictures! :) Oh oh who is in that picture?!?!!?!

    The REAL park:

    Turkey boy and Trina: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Tev!!! :) Come on writers!! They are perfect for each other! :)

    Turkey boy, Trina, Cam, and Joss: Great scene! Love that Cam was raising his bike because he thought he was late.. Love that they are all besties! :) Oh oh Trina had to bad mouth Sonny! Turkey Boy is so in love with Sonny that he is blind.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Alexis, Diane, Willow, and Brucas: Yeah I don't know.. This feels like something bad is going to happen. Since King Mufasa is very charming and very manipulative, I think he will win. He will have to do another DNA test!

    Brucas: Oh oh! Lucas's sugar is low? Oh oh he didn't finish breakfast? Lucas you have to take care of yourself!!! Love that Brad is taking care of him and gave him glucose tabs!! :) Oh oh what if something happens to Lucas? He isn't taking care of himself! :( Love that Brad went to call Julian to tell him what's going on.

    The hospital:

    Dr. O's room:

    Brad, Dr. O, and Nina: BRAD!!!! What are you doing?!!?!?!?!?! You are so lying about why you got that needle!!!

    Nina and Dr. O: Why can't Nina believe what Dr. O is saying?!?! She was pushed dammit!!!! Oh oh Nina has all the guilt feels because of Willow!!!

  6. sonya said...Friz: They need a Friz baby!!

    *** NO THEY DON"T. There's enough invisible kids on this show. Go cuddle your tribble and stop thinking about babies.

    Trina will be a great influence on Dev, I'm sure but I don't think they need to start coupling up. I enjoy the group dynamic.

    1. Amen to the no babies Di, and lol to cuddle your tribble. HAHAHAH!!!

      Hopefully big mouth Neener will try to apologize to Willow who in turn will tell her to bugger off. Didn't like old Neener, and don't like the new one.

      Loving Trina, she's almost as great as Cam!

      I agree with Sonya that Ava shouldn't have said anything to Avery, but Sonny's 9 millionth threat is just tiresome. He's such a blow-hard. Sigh.

    2. No tomatos please but I actually like nuNina. She's the grown up Nina and she's not MS who I didn't like "winning". I like her with Jax, not so much with Val.
      Sonny a blow hard LOL soooo agree!!
      I like Trina too.
      Question about Cam and his car. So...they have a one car garage and a permit for one car to park on street., when he gets his license back how in the heck is it going to make sense that the car is going to be kept at the Qs or at a rented garage spot. Is Liz or Franco supposed to DRIVE him to the car and then pick him up? Stupid....

    3. Ok no tomatoes Michelle! We will agree to disagree. :)

      I didn't understand that whole parking debacle either. It's Port Charles, not downtown Manhattan!

    4. "Di says NO THEY DON"T."

      ROFL! Oh oh! Di is angry! RUN PEOPLE RUNNNNNNNN!

      "There's enough invisible kids on this show."

      ROFL! That's true. :)

      G"o cuddle your tribble and stop thinking about babies."

      ROFL! Okay.. *Grabs a tribble and starts to snuggle with it* Mmmm so soft. :)

      "Trina will be a great influence on Dev, I'm sure but I don't think they need to start coupling up."

      Awww, but I like Trina and Dev scenes. :) They are so cute together.

      "I enjoy the group dynamic."

      Me too!!!!! Love the besties!

    5. "Julie H says Sonny's 9 millionth threat is just tiresome. He's such a blow-hard. Sigh"

      Yeah there was just no reason to threaten the queen. Sure the little queen shouldn't of been told about all that psychic business, but Sonny threatening Ava was just a waste of time and total nonsense.

    6. "Michelle P No tomatos please but I actually like nuNina."

      I like NuNina too!!! I like her with Jax!!! Valenina need to implode and we need Nax!!!

    7. I like NuNina now too.Loved that look on her face when she realized what she'd done to Willow. And I'm glad there's less chemistry with Valentine because I can't wait for them to implode.

      I didn't like old whiney Nina either, Michelle.

      And Liz must have a big house. Didn't Jason pay for it so that his son was taken care of and she had less worries? Let Liz put a new extension on the garage they have. They're a 2 salary family now.

  7. WHY doesn't anyone believe that Dr O was pushed? As much as she is my favorite character on the show, she certainly can't be a favorite in Port Charles, where she has committed so many crimes and hurt so many people . . . Also, can someone remind me why she thought it was Hayden? What happened between them?

    1. Yeh I'm clueless too AntJoan. I don't know why she didn't automatically think of Brad as the one who pushed her. LOL!!