Thursday, April 5, 2018

Mixed Signals

Note: my laptop has a virus called "Face Off" and it stalls now and again so that's why some of these posts are shorter. UGH...there's not a lot of fixes available for it. BOO

Jake is back to see Franco.... um... no notice about Aiden and Cam LOL.. it's so funny by now. Liz says she's sorry about Sam to Drew. 
Hudson West (Jake) is such a great actor. Natural like JJ was when he was young. 

Harvey stole a uniform in GH to go see/kill Betsy.  Drew is in there talking to her right now. She sees him through the window and yells. Of course, Harvey leaves and Drew didn't see him. 

Jules brings flowers to Kimmy to say thanks for the zex.  She tells him Sam isn't seeing Drew anymore. They kiss. Oscar overhears her saying she thought she and Drew may have gotten back together again. 

Kevin and Franco. Franco says Harvey "hurt him". Wow...huge reveal. Franco thinks that Kevin is Harvey. Kevin can't wake him up. Franco crawls on the floor. Kevin finally gets him back to reality. And...... he still hasn't said he got molested, which we know he did. 

Later: Franco wants to go under again. 

Kiki tells off Bensch. He tries to tell her she was 'giving him signals" and he "misread' her.  He's making it sound like she was a fault and he was just reciprocating. She wants to go to the board and tell them to pick another person for the program. He  yells NO!  "Don't throw your chance away because you got your wires crossed". He's trying to put this on her--she's still pissed. He says he believed in her since the beginning yada yada.  He tells her not to give up the shadow position. He'll "take stock" and they can get back to being good work colleagues. 

Oscar and Josslyn..eating a boring lunch at Kelly's.  Just looking at their onion rings. 

So Harvey runs to the parking garage and can't use his phone (no signal) sees Jake and Liz in there.  He puts a gun on Liz. Tomorrow's preview has Liz shoving Jake and telling him to "RUN"! 

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