Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My First GH Event with Nancy Lee Grahn!

What a fun afternoon!! I am so glad I chose this event for my 'first time'. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting--hooplah, bodyguards, LOL..."gh theme music"--but it was so wonderfully relaxed and friendly it was a joy! Nancy came in and stated taking questions. People mostly wanted to know about her feelings on Alexis and a possible romance. She agreed with most everyone that if Sam's dad came back, it could be a great "love of Alexis' life" story. Someone asked about the Mac spoilers that are out there. Nancy said she loves working with John and they had a blast. (we all clapped when it was brought up he was getting more airtime as well!). We mentioned Ingo but she said Laura would get mad, and also Jane would get angry if "Alexis" hooked up with Luke! People are partner protective I think. Someone just reminded me that she did say that she loved working with Maurice too, and was so glad SEXIS were friends again.

We all sat at round tables of 10 and Nancy took the time to sit at each table, sign our stuff and chat. I was lucky enough to sit next to her and get this great shot of Alberta and a mug she got from a fan. The mug said "Twitter Queen"... which was so great, Nancy did talk a lot about Twitter and asked us all our Twitter "IDs"! I had her sign an old GH Scrapbook for the GH AIDS Walk NYC in the spring. We are trying to get as many as we can before that time. She and I talked a tiny bit about Connie and what a great lady she can be. Unfortunately she didn't know when "Helena" would be back on.

Nancy's daughter Kate was there and she did a bunch of fun stuff like the trivia contest and raffle. Nancy also asked Kate numerous times to help her remember parts of their European trip. LOL... pretty funny. Kate could, btw, fit right in next to "Molly"...she reminded me of the character quite a bit.

She talked about Franco's decent upon GH--and although she didn't have scenes with him, did get to see some he did with Kirsten. She said he was good, but basically did like the rest of them do everyday. (which we know) We all agreed if the ratings went up it was good for the show.

Meeting fellow Wubbers was great--we dished and got Starbucks and had a good time. There were old, young and in between people there. I have to give HUGE Kudos to Tracy, CC and the rest of the planners. What a great job. Every table had our names, a photo of Nancy, water, candy--plus there was a raffle and merchandise tables in the back. I can't begin to think how they got it all together.

Nancy did mention that she's not having a FCW this year...if she does do something, it will be announced on http://www.nancyleegrahn.com/ so if you are going, keep an eyeball out.

I am watching yesterday's GH right now. What the heck dress does Sam have on? But hey, Jason's in a SUIT!


jen said...

Yeah skanky Sam was her normal self. Slinky dress, with...oh yeah. A bikerjacket? Dumb. She's such an attractive girl, wish they would pu her hair p or something when they go to these fancy events.
Thanks for the NLG info, LOVE LOVE LOVE her. Didn't sound like they become a couple, just a little flirting ala Kate & coleman. Bummer. Would love to watch machave to eat xmas dinner with Mr. Dimples! Hate what they are doing with Maxie cheating on Spin. Hopefully she won't revert to old bad blond Maxie. Thought Lulu thought fab! Hated Olivia going w/ Sonny to the opening. Love me some Jolivia!

AntJoan said...

I really loved Sam's dress--she is one actress that can carry it off, so petite, yet so shapely. I've always said, "If you've got it, flaunt it," why not?

That said, I had a feeling there'd be comments on the dress.

sasaya said...

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